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Sunday, August 25, 2013Traveliztera

This is such a good treat for you PUG or DOG lovers out there! Or if you just want something to lighten up your day, well, this post is definitely for you!

I've been watching the videos by Adam Cox and I truly enjoy them! My favorite videos would be "Toy Critic Pug" and "Food Critic Pug"

I do not want to spoil you guys, but seriously, can I just say my favorite moments in "Toy Critic Pug" since that one is my most favorite video? 

Here's the video first!


So my favorite scenes were the ones with the Rubik's cube (he was so serious!), the puppet, and the llama. Hahaha! I feel bad for laughing, but, those scenes were too cute! 

Now check this other video out, starring nomnoms!

Hope you guys enjoyed the videos! What was your favorite scene!?

SOURCE OF VIDEOS + Screenshots:

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