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The Face Shop: Stylist Wonder Curling Wax Review

Thursday, August 15, 2013Traveliztera

Still keeping my natural curls, and still keeping them in shape with my favorite curling wax from The Face Shop, called Stylist Wonder Curling Wax.

I have been using this wax since last year, and when I went to The Face Shop last week to get a new one, I received the bad news that they discontinued this product. The other kinds of hair wax were still available, except for the curling wax. The lady at the shop I visited, told me it got replaced by a new line of products, but seriously, please bring this back. I just looked at the website and this certain product is still there. Thus, I am hoping that what she really meant was that only their branch has no stock, or is no longer getting supplies of this product.

Anyway, I shall blog about how awesome this product is.

If you have read my old post about how I maintain my curls, I am adding this up to my hair management list!

The consistency is soft and creamy. The smell is waxy of course, but there is a hint of another sweet scent to lessen the waxy smell. 

To use this product, what I usually do is I apply it on my damp hair to get the best results. The reason why I don't put it on dry hair is because by that time, my curls are already out of their best form. While damp, my curls are controllable and can follow their natural form. That is when you want to keep their shape by putting on your curling wax. 

After applying the wax, I scrunch my hair into a ball using my hand, and then I let go, and continue with my day.

Easy, right? This is the result of using the featured wax:

I have always used curling mousse products, but ever since I discovered this product, I started using this more than my mousse collection.

It creates a different look compared to when I use mousse. I think it comes out more natural than the natural look I love with mousse products. My curls are held well, and no matter how hard the wind blows, or if I tie my hair, my curls are still in good shape. 

My hair is so soft, and it feels like I didn't put anything to hold my curls. With mousse, somehow, I still feel the firmness of its holding power despite being bouncy and all. 

Basically, with this wax, my curls do not look and feel like they are tightly held by an invisible product, rather, they look and feel more free. 

Free those curls! Check out the product by clicking here.

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  1. Wow! I wish I saw this when I still have my curls. I'm planning to have my hair permed but I'm still letting it grow. I hope they still have this because I want to buy this too when my hair got curled already. Oh by the way, you're from Australia too? Where in there? And you do covers too! Awesome! I hope we can collab someday ^_^


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