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Guest Post: Giving Great Customer Service and Working Like a Boss on a Holiday

Tuesday, August 06, 2013Traveliztera

Giving Great Customer Service and Working Like a Boss on a Holiday
Guest Post by Gina Ballesteros 

Running a business—small or big—can be a very stressful but fulfilling duty. It's not just about the profits and revenues. At the end of it, you've worked hard to put up a good name in the market. And perhaps because of this, you've resorted to working 24/7. 

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But, wait. Everyone deserves a break. And so, you have finally decided to reward yourself with a week-long holiday. Don't fret, though. Everything's going to be just as fine for as long as you remember the pointers of giving great customer service. 

Keeping customers and clients happy lies in the smoothness of your business' processes—holiday or no holiday. Any disruptions in the supply chain management such as faulty logistics (i.e. not delivering the right product, quantity, or quality) or mismanaged risks may warrant customer dissatisfaction over your company. So, it pays to be extra careful before leaving your duties to your trusted staff. Your pre-vacation days should be spent mulling over the following tips and advice: 

Know Who to Trust 
As a business owner, it takes a great deal of time before cherry-picking the finest personnel you could enlist in your “holiday roster”. These people should not only encompass the necessary knowledge and skills to run the company—they should also have the right attitude to become makeshift leaders especially when you're not around. So before frolicking in your favourite city or indulging in a refreshing getaway, take your best picks. You'll be assured that everything's going to be just as smooth, and your clients and customers still get the best from your company. 

Plan Your Schedule 
Mishaps in your company can always be prevented if you're able to map out a concrete but flexible schedule for yourself before taking a break. Once you have laid out your plans, let your colleagues know so they'll be able to make arrangements and accommodate adjustments. Plot and confirm every meeting beforehand, especially those days when you're away from the company's premises. Doing so will decrease temptations at monitoring what's happening in your business for the most part during your hard-earned holiday. 

Delegate Properly 
Some bosses have this mentality of taking all the work to oneself. They do so because they believe they're the only ones capable of running the business. This mindset makes a person certainly feel fatigued—which could actually bring forth a lot of health problems. That's why getting a break is important. Accept help from your employees once in a while—you hired them in the first place, anyway. However, delegate tasks to people whom you think that are competent enough for the job. 

Take Advantage of Technology—but Use Sparingly 
With a variety of multi-functional gadgets and technological spree —not-to-mention the good ol' smartphones and tablets—it isn't hard to keep in touch with relevant people in your company while you are on the other side of the globe. Before even getting to your destination, make sure you have the necessary tech stuff. The thing is: Do not ask to be disturbed while you're sipping champagne and overlooking at a picturesque landscape—it definitely destroys momentum. Set a schedule for cellphone and internet usage; and attend to business matters at a certain time only. 

Make a Contingent Plan 
Never underestimate the power of preparing for the worst case scenarios in your company. Make sure the staff knows what to do when such situations arise. Let your colleagues know your preferred method of being contacted when problems do happen. 

Gain Access with Your Staff Once in a While 
Especially for very long vacations, you might need to take extra measures in order to oversee the company. Say, you're off to the Philippines for a month-long vacation. You can always look for Makati office space for rent just in case you need to do some workarounds for a few days. Also, take advantage of video conferencing facilities for meetings. 

It can be nerve-wracking to temporarily “leave” the company while having a good time elsewhere. However, you need not to worry that much. Keeping business processes smooth even when you're away entails a good amount of preparation and initiative. With these tips, you'll surely maintain a healthy cash flow, hold loyal patrons, and attract clients even on a holiday. 

About the Author 
Gina Ballesteros is a freelance writer from Regus, an international corporation with branches in the US and the Philippines. They mainly cater to those who are looking for quality office space for rent.

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