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Wednesday, July 24, 2013Traveliztera

With various accounts, bills, and daily budgets, organising finances can be a difficult task. I use excel spreadsheets to organise my expenses and budgets, but there is an easier way to do this. This is where "myprosperity" can securely help you.

"myprosperity" is a free and secure tool that is simple to use, and can assist in securely linking bank accounts, super, property, car, shares, loans, and many more, in one place. By connecting these accounts, you get to see and control what is happening with your money. 


"myprosperity" automatically organises your expenses into categories, to give you an idea regarding how much money is spent on groceries, petrol, and the likes. By having such awareness, you get to set your budgets and goals to get more control in handling your finances.

With this tool, financial independence becomes easier, and you become more motivated in reaching your goals.

You can start saving more money by checking out this wonderful service at 

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  1. aba mukang OK to Steph... ma try nga :)

    ako kasi mano mano lang sa papel ginagawa ko pang organize ng pera ko at budget, minsan sa utak lang hehe...

    nice find :) two thumbs up!

  2. coming from you, i'm gonna try this :)


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