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Sydney Good Food and Wine + Curtis Stone 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013Traveliztera

I had to start this post with Curtis Stone, because so many of my friends love him so much! His show was fantastic! I love his humour, and I wish I could have taken a video, but I was just into the lively show. Of course, I would like to thank Dae for inviting me to go to this year's Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney, and for choosing Curtis Stone's show

Dae and Steph!

So what happened during his show? Alongside his beautiful teammate, he started off with a good ol' cocktail with a twist. After showing the audience what he did, he asked a man and a woman to battle against each other, and prove who, between BOYS and GIRLS, make the better version of his cocktail.


They had to dance while preparing the cocktail. It was all fun and laughter, and guess who won?

He also presented a Coles product, which is an upright chicken roaster. He used this product to cook his Spice-Rubbed Roast Chicken, which I really wanted to taste. It was partnered with a semi-warm rocket salad, which had a favorite of mine--pumpkin, a special dressing, and roast chicken juice. Yummm! 

The dish was then followed by his mom's Sticky Toffee Ice Cream, wherein he invited these beautiful Aussie twins to assist him. After creating this decadent dessert, he gave us his 10-minute Beef Stir-Fry and Fried Rice. Due to the fact that he was already beyond the time limit, he dared himself to do it in 5 minutes, instead of 10 minutes, and if he didn't get to cook the dishes in 5 minutes, he was going to give us all a copy of his book. LOL. That was basically the highlight of the show... 

The humour and the challenge= AWESOME.

With only a minute left, he even managed to run around the audience to let us smell the delicious scent of his dish, to prove that the dish was really supposed to be sending off a wonderful aroma. 

Countdown... 3, 2...1.

What did you expect? It's Curtis Stone. Of course he made it.

After his show, he started his book signing, and we just tried to take photos with him at the back. Lol. Sorry Mr. Curtis for the stolen shots!!!

That was a great start to a great event. After the show, we went around the food stalls. We saw Maggie Beer as well! 

We went around further, and we ended up buying CHORIZO! It was sooooo good! 

I was just excited to taste CHEESE. Too bad there were too many people lining up for a piece of cheese. =( I only managed to taste some.


Smelly Cheese

There were other interesting products, and this was one of them! EYE MASSAGER. 

We also recommend this awesome coffee drink called ESPRESSO KICK. It doesn't have milk, and is totally low in calories! I now have a better and a more natural alternative to energy drinks. 

Check out some of the products that were exhibited during the event!

ADORA chocolates
ADORA chocolates

The Biltong Man - cured and air-dried beef delicacy

Laucke Flour Mills
Baci by Perugina

Eat Me Chutneys 

Pichler Tiroler Gluhwein - hot aromatic spiced red wine drink

Fehlbergs Fine Foods

Fisher and Paykel - home and kitchen appliances

Freshfields Australia

Peppercorn Food Company

Robinvale Estate Olive Oil

AIX Rose Wine

Momo's Meals

Fresita Sparkling Wine

Overall, it was a great experience despite the cold and rainy weather. There were so many products that were definitely worth trying! I am looking forward to next year's event again, and if you are coming, let me know!!! I would love to meet other food enthusiasts as well. =) I do hope that Jamie Oliver comes next year! I've been a follower since I was a kid. 

To the organisers and participants of this wonderful show, congratulations on your success! 

The Good Food and Wine Show - Sydney 2013
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
June 28 - 30, 2013
VIDEO: One of the "Steal a Curtis Stone Shot"Attempts in Video Form

Our video version of our attempt at taking a decent photo of us with the Aussie Chef, Curtis Stone (wherein he was actually looking up). It's actually hard to capture the moment when he quickly glances up, so this was the result-- capture it in video. 

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