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Kuya Eagle's Response To Me Through "Easy Lang Yan" UNTV Show

Sunday, May 05, 2013Traveliztera

A few weeks ago, I made a blog post (click here to read) as a letter to Kuya Eagle (Riggs). He then sent me a message through Facebook and also responded through his UNTV show "Easy Lang Yan", making my childhood dream come true again. Hehe. Here's the part where he mentioned "MsHyperSinger" (which is my Youtube persona), and I must say that I was truly touched with his sincere message.

Uploaded with Kuya Eagle's permission

Thank you so much Kuya Eagle! Hope to see you next time I visit the Philippines! :D My parents are so happy that you made one of my childhood dreams come true, since I would talk to you through the television back then when I was super young. At least now, you really spoke back. Haha! Thanks again! Stay humble and blessed!

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  1. Nakakatuwa naman at napansin ka ng idol mo... Yey...

  2. nice! bait nmn ni kuya eagle at nag reply kaagad. :)

    Sana sa susunod meet and greet na kayo. :)

  3. nice one idol crush! you na already!

    hehe arte ng comment ko lol

  4. di ako pamilyar masyado sa kanya. sya ba yung sa mara clara? hehe


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