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Autumn Rebel: My Tops and Make-Up

Wednesday, May 01, 2013Traveliztera

I just feel like posting something today, so I decided to post about how I faced Autumn like a season rebel.

I've already posted these photos on my Facebook and Instagram, so most likely you've already seen these.

Given that Autumn usually has soft neutral colours, and Summer has bright and popping colours, I decided to just feel like it's still Summer despite the fact that it's starting to become cooler as each day passes by.

For my top, I decided to wear my mom's pasalubong clothes from the Philippines. Both tops are from Terranova. I also wore my Shiseido RD304 lipstick to get that instant pop somewhere on my face, since I wore a neutral eyeshadow. 

Don't forget the messy hair! It's very important. 

On the following day, I decided to play around with my eyeshadows. I wore a pink sweater, so I went for the pink and blue eyeshadows from Chi Chi (I'll try to review the palette next time) to get really colourful.

For my eyelashes, I used Maybelline's  Volum' Express Falsies Everlasting Waterproof Mascara. I seriously love this mascara, since you do not need to apply fake eyelashes anymore to have a super dashing emphasis on your eyelashes. 

In terms of eyeliners, I have plenty of favourites, but in this photo, I decided to use The Face Shop's Styling Auto Gel Liner in Black.

So basically, that's it. Go against the season!!! When everyone's wearing bright colours during Summer, make sure you're wearing blacks and reds! =p

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  1. Such a pretty girl.... Fashionable...ikaw na!

    1. Fashionable in a way na pasaway sa dapat? hehe thank you ! ikaw na rin!!! :D

  2. ang ganda ha... parang magandang i wallpaper sa phone : ) hehe

    1. salamat hehehe oo maganda i-wallpaper ung pangalawang picture :P

  3. hindi namn everytime kailangan makibagay. Ok rin magstand out paminsanminsan. :) and ang importante bagay sayo! Nice!


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