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Shane Filan of Westlife Is Back! #FilanFriday 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013Traveliztera

The countdown is over! #FilanFriday is currently trending worldwide!

Westlife's Shane Filan is officially back!

His website, www.ShaneFilan.com has been doing the countdown for the past few days, and the Westlife fans have been hanging on for his comeback. I'm one of those fans by the way. Proud Westlifer since they first came out y'all! Hehe!

Screenshot From www.ShaneFilan.com
Anyway, we're definitely excited for his projects! Can't wait!

*** I just noticed that I've had too much exclamation points in this post! Yay!

We're proud of you, Shane! Welcome back!

Here's a little treat... 

Yes, their first single. I felt Shane's powerful presence in this song and video--until now. =)

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