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Eat Magnum Black to Get ORLANDO BLOOM as Your Driver

Wednesday, April 17, 2013Traveliztera

So I just saw the newest MAGNUM PINK & MAGNUM BLACK commercial, and realised something. 

Though I wasn't part of the Magnum Craze wherein everyone kept buying MAGNUM during a certain period of time, there came a non-Magnum Craze time that I had MAGNUM cravings for a week. Then it was gone. 

But I think that this commercial just gave me a huge realisation that will make me go back to eating their new MAGNUM product. 

Yep, it will make my dream of meeting Orlando Bloom come true.

I think that the videos I created with me and Orlando Bloom in it, such as this...

and this...

... will be a reality if I ate MAGNUM BLACK.

Basically, according to the commercial, if you eat MAGNUM PINK, you'll get a taxi cab and a cute driver. BUT if you eat MAGNUM BLACK, you'll get ORLANDO BLOOM as your DRIVER, in a really hot black car. I find it a bit sad for the taxi cab driver, though, that he's competing with Orlando Bloom through a choice between a PINK or BLACK Magnum (and PINK is my fave, so don't worry Mr. Cab Driver! I will see you more than Orlando Bloom!). 


But of course, if you have a childhood dream like mine to have Orlando Bloom to at least be my driver for the day, sure why not? I'll just go grab a MAGNUM BLACK ice cream.

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to give a shoutout to MAGNUM.
Hi MAGNUM people! It's okay if you don't pay me for this post... I just need Orlando Bloom to be my driver tomorrow, so I'll be happy if you allow me to have his service instead.

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