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I Saved Someone's Life Today ... She Didn't Know! Funny, but Makes Sense.

Friday, April 19, 2013Traveliztera

I was on the train, sitting on a two-seater seat, with my huge bag as my seatmate (I am known for having huge bags like I'm ready for camping--just saying). In front of me was a lady, and she was starting to fall asleep, slowly leaning on the window. Anyway, I was reading my free newspaper, when I saw something wrong in front of me.

It was very wrong. 

Well, aside from my observation that the lady in front of me had her jacket inside out, with the hanger strings dangling over the seat, and the brand tag saying "hi" to me because I was a familiar face to it (I own some tops which had the same brand...), there was something terrible going on.

Something moved from the corner. It was approaching her.

I tried to feel if the eyes of the person sitting behind me can see the problem too. Well, I didn't feel the eyes. Actually, you don't feel the eyes-- you feel the glance. You know... Like when there is a white lady with you inside a toilet room. I am now cringing at the thought of feeling one's eyes. Squishy. Anyway...

Nobody was reacting. I guess it was up to me. The attack to the clueless and sleeping lady in an inside out jacket was now only a few inches away. I had to do something.

I took my newspaper and felt the adrenalin. I was going to be a hero in a few seconds.

With my super strength (thank you Jillian Michaels for the workouts... look where I'm using the results now...), I slid the newspaper towards the seat in front of me. 


The spider fell to my seat. Yay. 

I wasn't panicking. I felt super brave. 

Wahahahahhaaha. Created using this:

In Australia, spiders are EVERYWHERE. Poisonous or not, they're everywhere! Their equivalent is the IPIS or cockroach of the Philippines. If a lot of Filipinos scream and run when the FLYING IPIS starts heading towards them, and I am completely apathetic when this happens, that is how I am to spiders here as well. I am not really a super fan of them, but, I don't know... I'm cool with them. Just don't crawl on me. I'm happy to live side by side with you guys. Uhm... No, not really. 

Anyway, I caught the attention of the people around me. I tried to look cool, although the spider almost jumped onto my leg. 

I took my newspaper again and guided the spider to the floor.

There. I saved the lady's day without her knowing because she was asleep.

I could have saved her some more by telling her that her jacket was inside out.

Did I really save her life? Hmmm... To you, maybe that's a shallow story, but this simple story has amazing moral lessons... (Muhahahaha... I have to make this simple story awesome, right?):

  1. No matter how small or big a thing is, it can affect someone's life.
    • A spider is small, but could be venomous. What if it went inside her inside out jacket, and bit her? Would it then be actually outside her jacket because it was inside out?... Hmmm?  Because technically, the spider isn't inside because it's now outside her jacket because it's inside out. Yes, I enjoy putting emphasis on her inside out jacket.
    • On a serious note, in life, small or big things make a difference. Whatever they may be, they can affect you--good or bad. You may not even be aware of their approach, because you're asleep in your inside out jacket. And this  leads us to the next moral lesson...
  2. You are being saved without you knowing.
    • Just like the lady in her inside out jacket, who was completely unaware of her jacket's state, she was also unaware of this spider approaching her. Then someone removed it for her (that's me, your superhero... :P ). She'll wake up, not knowing she could have been bitten if nobody responded to the situation.
    • This situation reminded me of this cartoon:


In life, we are unaware of how many times we have been saved from various circumstances. We complain about other things (like if you finally noticed that you were wearing your jacket inside out the whole time, and started throwing tantrums because your self-image is so important to you), without even knowing we missed many situations that could have led to something worse if God did not guide and protect us. No matter what your belief is, you are being saved all the time. =)

Then again, I could have ruined her opportunity to become the next Spiderwoman. And by saving the spider's life (because I do not like killing crawly things, and I am willing to be of assistance to them by catching them and placing them somewhere that is more of a habitat to them), the spider might have found a new home now in someone else's properly worn jacket. That is good for the spider, yes... I don't know if that's good for that "someone else" though. Hmmm... What if all along, it came back to me and has been with me all the time. Dun dun dun dun. Big twist. Nah, I'd keep it.

CREDITS: Johan C.G. Fagerholm

But really, spiders are awesome. And the moral lessons are awesome too. I don't know. I just thought of those on the spot. I was just typing about my funny story and how I wanted to make a joke out of the superhero mode I did by saving the lady from that spider. Then I realised that there were good moral lessons from the story too. So, yeah... 

Hope this post made you smile! =)
Congrats to Jort and Jepoy for their recent surprise blessings! =) They both showed how God really moves behind the scenes, and surprises us at the right time!

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  1. wow...the beginning to the story had me thinking it was either...a dog...a man about to rob her.... or she was leaning on the "door" of the train and she was about to fall out hahaha! great lessons in this story and i'm happy you're safe too. you are a hero! no seriously, you are :D good job ms hyper spider killer?

  2. you're hilarious! big deeds or not, youre still a saviour

  3. hmmnnn.... you page is so 'sosyal'... i feel like I don't belong here... lol

    This is my first time to visit here and I think I'll make it an addiction na... Nice post...

    1. Uyyyy hindi ahhh... Kala mo lang yun hehe!!! Pag nakita mo ibang posts ko napaka hindi bagay sa medyo maarteng theme ng blog ko hahaha! Tipong may mga Jolina-Marvin tributes ka pang makikita here and there... Si Wickedmouth din may tribute ako rito haha! O di ba haha! Thanks sa visit! =)

  4. nagulat ako sa pic ng ipis na lumilipad. hahahaha...
    Ok lang yung spider, pero wag lang ang ipis.. panic mode ako jan. lalo na pag lumilipad.

    1. Oo hahaha e pa'no pag jumping spider!? wahehehehe

  5. i like your sense of humor! the one that i wanted to have for myself kaya lang wala talaga eh haha.. emphasize na emphasize talaga ang inside out jacket ni ate..hinihintay ko kung magigising sya pero mukang napuyat ng husto.. i hate ipis more than spiders..

    thanks sa pagdaan sa blog ko..tagal mo na kong follower hiya lang ako magcomment hehe...

    1. Awww thank you a... I have dropped by na rin sa blog mo before pero super toxic ako the past few months kaya bihira ako nakakacomment... Talagang reading mode lang hehehe! nakooo sana nagcomment ka non, malamang mas kukulitin kita lalo pag nakita kita kung saan2x haha!

  6. hahaha this is sooo funny and naks naman for the moral lesson! superhero mshypersinger!!

    1. hahahhaa dumideep kuno e hahaha! thanks carizzzz! love your outfits talaga! hehehe!

  7. Hero or zero, as long as you look good on spandex...that's what I say.

  8. If I were the person that you saved that day and I happen to read this - I would surely thank you a lot. Most of my spider encounters venomous or not caused me fiver. :| good job hero!

  9. wow... like this post... ganda naman ng site mo.... maayos ang pagkakagawa... at ganda ng mga post.... ^^


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