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Easter Post: I Believe in Miracles

Monday, April 01, 2013Traveliztera

"...God was actually saving Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ was saving all of us through God's love."

This is a post for Easter, which I have been waiting to come out from my heart, and not just out of forced thinking of topics... I was thinking of what to blog, but I wanted it to be special. I let go, and woke up, and any thoughts I am expressing right now are out of this intense inspiration.

Easter... After a period of sadness, everyone rejoices for Christ has risen again. He has saved us by sacrificing himself. The event itself is already a miracle. A huge and obvious miracle. But I always keep in mind that everything and everyday is a miracle. It doesn't have to be very supernatural to be considered a miracle. Small things, big things, good things,  or bad things...  I consider them miracles.

I received a wonderful message from my parents this morning. A moving true story. They always inspire me with their life stories that prove God's touch in our everyday life. I want to thank God for sending my amazing and inspiring parents to me as one of His powerful instruments. Since I was a child, I felt God's intense love through them, and they made me realise that miracles happen all the time. That upbringing helped me face life with confidence, knowing that I'll make it through determination and faith in God.

Looking back, I realised that everyday was always a miracle to me. Everything that happened during each second, each minute, and each day, was God's way of guiding me towards my life purpose. I have become more aware this time around, and I have been taking notes of all the blessings to remind me that God never left me, nor will he do so later--ever. 

Me and mom carrying the cross. 
Stations of the Cross along the actual site where Jesus passed through... A moving experience...

People those days may have mocked God by saying He can't even save Jesus Christ from his sufferings. But in the end, everyone finally saw that it was all part of a bigger plan, and through all the sacrifices made, God was actually saving Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ was saving all of us through God's love.

In the end, whatever we may be going through right now, keep in mind that God is always with us. We may not see the greater purpose now, and we might think God or Jesus Christ isn't even saving us. But in reality, they are already saving us, and we will only see the meaning of everything we're going through, once we fulfil what has to be done. Again, everything is a miracle. The process and the end make up a huge miracle. WE are a miracle.

I know that we all have different beliefs, and I respect this fact truly. Each one of us has a different perspective on life, and as long as we are happy and believe that it is our way of life and it is doing us good, then life is as it is... 

May God bless you all! =)


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  1. Replies
    1. Dinededicate ko rin tong post na toh sayo after what happened to you recently... I hope makarecover ka soon! God has a greater purpose para sa'yo Kuya. =)

      Happy Easter!

  2. i agree! everyday is a miracle from God. happy easter steph. and i feel grateful seeing you and your mom with that cross. it reminds me of a tradition every holy week that even the pervasiveness of modernity cannot wipe out.

  3. and we are saved :)

    tama everything is a miracle.

    Godbless po :D


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