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Dove Pure Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - Nuffnang Product Talk

Friday, April 26, 2013Traveliztera

Dove is ever so perfect in timing! I'm already about to finish my Dove deodorant, when suddenly, I received an invitation from Nuffnang to do a product talk about Dove. I received two Dove products, which of course, I was excited to use and blog about!

So yes, I have been using Dove's deodorant and body wash since college, thus, I am happy that I was given the opportunity to talk about their amazing product called Dove Pure. It is an anti-perspirant deodorant, and this is my first time using this line, because I usually use Dove Original.

Dove Pure Aerosol

We all know that Dove has been campaigning since the early years about how their products contain 1/4 moisturising cream to keep the skin looking healthy. I have a sensitive skin, and I found my skin feeling softer than ever with Dove.

Dove Pure Roll-On

Now let's go back to Dove Pure. I received a deodorant roll-on and an aerosol. I always use roll-ons because I had a bad experience with an aerosol deodorant of another brand. My skin got irritated. Obviously, it was in the ingredients of that product, and most likely, it was because of its ethyl alcohol content. Though I know that Dove claims to have no ethyl alcohol in their product, I was still hesitant to try the aerosol due to the past experience.

Of course I still did. You just got to try and change your perspective, right? So I tried the aerosol first, before the roll-on...

Dove Pure Aerosol

I am definitely impressed. NO FRAGRANCE (which is a huge factor for me, since some brands have a strong scent, which really overpowers everything) and NO IRRITATION at all. 

And since it is an antiperspirant, it kept my underarms dry all day (in a healthy way). 

Dove did it again. Their ingredients kept the product's promise of keeping underarms feeling dry and healthy, while removing the unnecessary ingredients that cause what I have personally experienced before with another brand-- irritation.

Dove Pure delivers what we only need.

No Parabens.
No Colourants.
No Fragrance.
No Alcohol (ethyl alcohol).

For people who want 48-hour protection without having to go through a feeling of discomfort, or unsightly signs of irritation, the unique formula is perfect

And again, Dove Pure -- like all other Dove products-- contains  1/4 moisturising cream to keep your skin young and healthy. How's that for a new addition to your skin care? =)


This post is for the Product Talk by Nuffnang. Thank you DOVE and Nuffnang for letting me review this wonderful product!

Check out for more info!

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