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Want to scare people by adding ghosts to normal photos taken at their house? Or do you feel like running from walkers, and pretend you're the star of THE WALKING DEAD? Plus, want to be one of the 7 readers who can win the full experience?  Go ahead... Read on... 

Obviously, I can't use my gun on that ghost, but I do hope I can aim well to put that zombie walker down!


If you are a huge HORROR fan like me, I am recommending this great photo app by Ruben Frosali. It is called SCARY CAMERA EFFECTS, and is available for iPhone.

There are so many things I love about this app. First of all, THE FILTERS.

They are eery and very interesting, but I like to use the NORMAL mode more to make my photo scarier (you know... to pretend it's a real shot). However, if I feel like I want to be artsy with my scary photo, I am very happy with the available filters that were specifically designed to create a horror effect to whatever photo I may have.

So many filters to choose from to disturb a very peaceful photo like this at McDonald's. LOL.

ANOTHER great feature (and MY FAVORITE) is the SET OF "ALMOST REAL" STICKERS included in this app!

Of course, I love GHOSTS and ZOMBIES, so I like to use them more when making my own horror shots. Most of the time, I use the GHOSTS to scare my friends. They do not like it when they are sharing the frame with the unknown. As for me, I enjoy having shots with the zombies.

For the stickers, you can choose among GHOSTS, CREATURES, BODY PARTS, LANDSCAPES, and OBJECTS (even something you can pretend to hold from your perspective). My favorite characters from movies like THE RING, IT, FRIDAY THE 13th, any ZOMBIE films, and SILENT HILL, are available to use in this app. Check out my creation below:

That's the area I chose to edit... I deleted the zoomed in version, but that is the place I edited for the next photo.
Taken from our car's window. "Look, they are coming!!!"

Also, you can rotate, scale, reflect, and change the opacity of the stickers. These adjustments can truly create a more realistic scary photo.

Once you are happy with your creation, you can easily share it via Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail. You can also save a copy in your phone for future use.

- Easy to use.

- So many eery filters to choose from.

- The stickers are of high quality, and can blend in with the photo you are working with, since you can rotate, scale, reflect, and change their opacity.

- Easy to share your creation.


With Scary Camera Effects, making artistic, creepy photo manipulations is incredibly easy. 

There are many horror photos apps in the App Store, but what set our app apart is the highest quality of its Photo Filters - inspired by the most terrifying horror movies - and the more than 50 pixel-perfect horrifying Stickers.
The images created with our app are not cheap, fake halloween pictures, instead they look like still frames from the most frightening horror movies.

* Photo Filters +20 amazing filters to recreate your horror scene; from the bloody frames of Gorecam (perfect for a zombie apocalypse) to the cold [rec] digital screen of Videodrome, passing by the late 19th, Lovecraftian worn and cursed frame of Dagon (and many more) the possibilities are endless.

* Stickers +than 50 pixel-perfect stickers of terrifying ghosts, zombies, evil creatures and weapons, you can scale and change opacity with a few taps.

* Share button to share on Facebook, Twitter or send it by email.


I have 7 promo codes for this app, so that 7 readers can get the full horror experience. To join, all you have to do is choose from one of the following: 

1. Comment on this post, and share how you will be using this app (e.g. to prank friends).
2. Tweet "I just joined a contest by @mshypersinger on her blog. Check it out:    "

Contest winners will be chosen by a random generator (which I will also take screenshots of for evidence) and will be notified via e-mail (if commenting on the blog was chosen), so please do type your REAL e-mail address on the comment form below. It will not be publicly shown. If you do not want that, you can leave your TWITTER ID instead. For those who tweeted, I will notify you via Twitter. 

Contest will run until March 31, 2013. Winners will be announced on April 1.




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  1. I will be using this post of course to prank my friends and family members. They're scared of ghosts so this will be beneficial hehehe:D


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