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The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself - App Review

Saturday, February 02, 2013Traveliztera

Walking Dead fan? Want to know how you'd look like if Shane gave you up somewhere, and instead of getting eaten alive, you survived but as the undead? Well, look no further, because THE WALKING DEAD: DEAD YOURSELF application is here to save you from humanity!

This is an official app from AMC, the official creators of THE WALKING DEAD. Most likely, this is to welcome the upcoming mid-season premiere of the hit series, and I am enjoying the app! Check out my zombified self:

To get started, you can press on the CAMERA icon at the bottom of the screen and directly take a photo, with the help of the skull face for guidance.

Or you can just get a photo from your library by pressing on the film roll icon, just beside the camera icon. It doesn't matter if your face doesn't match the skull face guide. You can adjust all the features that will be added to your face later on.

Once the app is able to process your photo, you can adjust the random makeover it has given you by: eyes, mouth, and accessories. You can tap on the certain feature (e.g. eyes) and resize it by pinching in or out, or rotating it by keeping one finger still, and the other finger dragging it clockwise or counterclockwise.

the eyes


Just like Instagram, you can choose effects or photo filters for your final photo.


You can then share your final zombie portrait to Facebook, Twitter, Email, or The Walking Dead's gallery!!! 

Also, if you press on the left icon at the bottom of the screen, which is similar to a Photo Library icon, you are able to browse the public "The Walking Dead Gallery", where you can browse and vote for photos of your fellow walkers. 

The menu is easy to navigate, and allows you to check the public gallery, your friends' photos (when connected to Facebook), and your own photos. Other options, such as info about the app, and the settings, can be found in this menu.

Here is another scary example from my good friend, Jason Telmo (chinaeyes22 on Youtube)! I find his zombie scarier than mine! Such a jaw-dropper ... Literally getting there. Haha! And that's a compliment! The scarier, the better!


Basically, the application is like a zombified Instagram. The set-up is somehow like that, just with the bonus features of getting all these great zombie add-ons! For a free app, this is worth the download, because you get a very realistic zombie makeover, which you can mix and match to create your signature zombified look. I definitely recommend this app, and will give this 10/10 ! It's not just because I am a Walking Dead fan, nor just because I find myself looking like the walkers in the show, but it's generally the app's overall features, such as:

- get a photo from your photo library or directly capture the photo you will use for 
- great choices of zombie parts and accessories for mixing and matching
- Instagram-like photo filters
- share it to Twitter, Facebook, Email, and The Walking Dead Gallery
- browse other submitted zombified photos and vote for your favorite

 Like I said, it's a Zombiefied Instagram, and if you're a fan of zombies and Instagram, this app is for you!

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  1. It's a crime to ruin a pretty picture like that.

  2. I also love Walking Dead! Gosh! I am so excited this February. Nice apps you found there. I just followed you. I hope you can check my blog and follow me, too.



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