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Life Has a Sushi Train

Wednesday, February 13, 2013Traveliztera

I am allergic to fish.

I patiently looked at the passing sushi plates on the sushi train, hoping that the next one did not have fish in it. The lady next to me kept eating, and I caught her looking at me, probably wondering why I haven't been getting something for 3 minutes now. 

I looked at the menu beside me to at least know what kind of sushi was parading in front of me. Mostly fish on the menu. 

Then there it was-- CRUMBED PRAWNS SUSHI! My favorite. Unfortunately, it was not present on the passing train of seaweed-wrapped rice goodness.

I know, I know. I could order instead of waiting for my favorite to pass by. But I did not want to. Where's the excitement there???

I decided to first try whatever fishless variety was coming my way. Of course, it's good to at least try something I've never eaten before (except something with fish of course).

I first enjoyed a plate of SESAME MAKI. Then I looked at the sushi train, hoping for some CRUMBED PRAWNS SUSHI. None. 

I then took a plate of RICE-FILLED TOFU, and looked at the train again. None.

Hopeless and after 30 minutes (yes I eat so slow because I like to make the calories entering my body worth it by at least enjoying the taste), I decided to finalise with CHICKEN and AVOCADO MAKI. 

While eating my CHICKEN AND AVOCADO MAKI, I was thinking if I should still order for some CRUMBED PRAWNS SUSHI instead of waiting for them to suddenly show up on the sushi train. In my head, there was an ongoing debate:

STEPH 1: You know what?... You've tried CRUMBED PRAWNS SUSHI before. It's enough that you've tried something different for a change.

STEPH 2: But that's my favorite! And I want them. Should I order now, or no?

STEPH 1: If you're destined to have your CRUMBED PRAWNS SUSHI, YOU WILL GET IT from the sushi train.

I decided to just prepare to leave. I know I can order, but I liked the feeling of anticipating for something on the sushi train. I finished eating my last sushi. 

Three plates of SALMON SUSHI are coming... 

Five plates of SASHIMI are coming...

One plate of CRUMBED PRAWNS SUSHI is coming...

Three plates of SASHIMI are coming...

WAIT. What??? One plate of CRUMBED PRAWNS SUSHI is about to arrive??? JUST ONE out of all those NON-CRUMBED PRAWNS SUSHI PLATES of 3s and 5s???

I quickly grabbed it before anyone could, as it was so rare among those "fishful" plates.

Wow. Just before I was about to leave, it came. And none came after that while I was still there at the place. It was truly meant for me.

I left the SUSHI place satisfied. I got what I wanted. It took some time and nearly gave up (and I feel bad for thinking about quitting), but I enjoyed while waiting for something I hoped to come. Everything was worth it.


Guys, life has a sushi train. However, instead of salmons and prawns, OPPORTUNITIES are inside those roasted seaweed wrappers. Muhahaha.

We all want something in life. We can get them if we want to. 

Like a customer at a SUSHI TRAIN PLACE, if we want something, we can just order instead of waiting for something we are not sure that will arrive on time. That's the shortcut. Other people want the easy way. But most of the time, the satisfaction is lesser compared to the long way.

The long way? You patiently wait, knowing that what you want will arrive some time later. But while waiting, you were able to experience new kinds of OPPORTUNITY SUSHIS (or -- hold on to your keyboard... this will be cornier-- OPPORSUSHITIES. HAHAHA. Eherm). You went out of your comfort zone. You discovered new varieties, which made you realise that you also have other worthy interests. Then suddenly, when you were about to give up waiting, what you were anticipating for a long time amazingly arrives.

You're at God's SUSHI TRAIN PLACE. He will make everything that's on the menu. You can choose what you want, but you have to wait. Eventually, it will show up. It is up to you if you want to wait, or just order. But like I said, there's this huge satisfaction when you wait. If you just do the shortcut, you might miss other new OPPORSUSHITIES (I'm still laughing at my new term).

I knew what I wanted. But I did not know when it was coming. I decided to just discover new sushi plates, and enjoy the moment. Just when I thought I wouldn't get it, it still came. It was meant for me because IT WAS SURELY COMING. It's part of the menu. The time is something I was not sure of, but I knew it was there. I just had to enjoy whatever came to me while I waited.

It's there. It's always there.

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  1. at dahil broken hearted ako ngayon.. yung msg mo parang nairelate ko sa love hahaha! :)

    nice message : )

    1. awww... actually nabasa ko ung post mo na yun nung nilabas mo yun kaso di pa ako makacomment non... pero ilalagay ko na ron comment ko... sana may naidulot namang positive yung mga nasabi ko rito... hug

  2. Maybe they wanted you to know, life is like a box of sushi, you'll never know what you're gonna get... ang original no? haha


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