Happy 24th! Birthday Post!

Monday, February 11, 2013Traveliztera

Random people and circumstances I have encountered before brought me to where I am now.

It's officially my birthday today! Because of this, I am going to blog whatever comes to my mind. Free-flow writing mode y'all! =p

24 years old... Wow... I started writing about my life when I was 6 years old, and started blogging at the age of 12. But basically, all I want to say is: WRITING has always been in my blood. I have owned plenty of notebooks, and one of them even had a "MR. NOTEBOOK" label on it. I loved that notebook! It was a notebook of randomness. Ideas, interactive articles, etc. were held by Mr. Notebook. I even joined a Creative Writing and Journalism class when I was in high school, and just kept writing and writing. Then the mojo just disappeared. I hope it would come back soon, and that is my goal this year--TO GET THE WRITING MOJO BACK! And for this to happen, I started reading some writing references and doing various creative writing exercises. Fortunately, I am starting to feel that writing inspiration once again!

Anyway, aside from writing, I have had many dreams and wishes which have been coming true over the past 24 years, whether it's my career, my singing, my dreams of meeting people, my overall health, my social life, my happiness, traveling, doing extreme outdoor activities, etc. Of course, I would like to thank GOD for giving me all the wonderful opportunities through my PARENTS, FAMILY, FRIENDS, PEOPLE I MEET, and EXPERIENCES. It is because of these blessings that I was able to see what was meant for me to grab. I believe that opportunities are always there, and it is up to us if we will allow ourselves to own them. Small things come our way, and if we let them pass, we might be missing bigger blessings. For us to notice these things, we must always ask for God's guidance, and I am happy that God has been showing me the way. 

RANDOM PHOTO TIME! -- 7 years old

Random people and circumstances I have encountered before brought me to where I am now. During those random moments, I didn't notice the difference they were starting to create. But now that I am finally reaching my dreams, everything is starting to make sense. No matter how small or big those life events were, they gave me something that became useful to my life. Some may not make sense right now, but I am sure that in the future, they will show their worth to us. 

Basically, this post is a quick realisation over the past 24 years of my existence. I regret nothing, and I am happy for everything I've been through. I am even grateful because I know that everything and everyone is a blessing to me. Thank you so much for the wonderful years, and for becoming a part of me. Whoever I am now, I owe it to God who has been present through my parents, family, friends, people I meet, and everyday experiences. I will keep repeating those, but I know I have already made my point. Once again, all I can say is a big THANK YOU!


PS I was born this way! Yeah!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy 12 years of BLOGGING!!!! you're an amazing writer =) NOW WRITE!

  2. Hi Steph! This is veNus2910. Happy Birthday again! You're a wonderful writer Steph, so keep on writing! ^_^ Hugs!

    1. Hi Venus! you are a great writer too! thank you !!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Steph! :) Good things truly come to good people. I am truly grateful for meeting someone like you too. ^_^ Like I said before, I really feel that great vibe from you. ;) This post is quite inspiring. I'm sure anyone who reads it will be moved. :) Have a Happy Happy Blessed Birthday!

    1. I'm actually happy I met someone like you! I feel great vibes from you too! Thank you for your touching message Kits! Good luck with everything you're working on right now!

  4. Happy birthday!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Steph! the song is beautiful!!!


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