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Thursday, February 07, 2013Traveliztera

CHATWING is a new chat application, or widget, which you can add to your website. What makes CHATWING more interesting is the fact that it has plenty of customization features.

It is very easy to start your CHATWING chatbox. Just register, create a new chatbox, and customize!

You can control the colour of all the bits and pieces in your chatbox. While you are choosing the colours and fonts you want, you can easily see how your chatbox is starting to look like through the PREVIEW BOX.

As you can see in the photo above, the IP address of those who left their messages can be viewed by the Admin of the chatbox.

My favourite part of customizing my Chatwing chatbox is changing its background. You can choose from their gallery of background images, or use your own by entering the URL of the image of your choice into the URL field box. Once you have chosen a background image, you can either apply it to your CHATBOX's MAIN BACKGROUND, or to its MESSAGE AREA.

Guess what? You can also add an audio to your chatbox! Just type in your audio's url! Also, you can enable round corners, avatars, admin button, popout feature, and enter button for your Chatwing. Additionally, login methods include FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE, YAHOO, or just temporarily login as a GUEST.

Another interesting feature is having an IDLE TIMEOUT option... 

You can also create a personalized URL for your own chatbox, so that users can directly access the chatbox itself through their web browsers.

You can also add moderators for your chatbox using emails. Moderators have the power to block users and delete messages.

Filter out any rude words by specifying which words are not allowed in the chatbox.

Lastly, you can ban users and adjust the duration of their banned status.

Here is a preview of how it looks like on my website:

This is an example of logging in as a Guest. You can change your name, and choose the avatar you want to use when chatting. Awesome stuff huh?

I truly enjoy using CHATWING! It has many interesting features, that it easily catches the attention of anyone who gets a sight of this. CHATWING's appearance itself is enough to start a chat in your box! What I love more about this widget is the fact that I have so much control-- from its appearance to moderating posts. This widget is definitely recommended to anyone who owns a website, and wants to have an interaction with their readers without the worries of having no control over what is being posted (especially SPAMs). And can I just say that I LOVE THE AVATARS? I hope they add some more, or better yet, I hope they can allow us to customize the avatars as well!

Check out WWW.CHATWING.COM to get started!

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  1. looks interesting widget. babalikan ko to pag me time akong ayusin yung layout ko ;-)

    1. hahaha okay :D let me know pag andyan na para i-chat kita haha

  2. We are trying this one and enjoy it. Problem is we do not like the fact that we can not see WHO is on. We can see we have lurkers, but we can not see who it is. Is there a way to fix this?

    We thought we were secure when we password protected it.

    1. Hi! Thanks for leaving this comment!

      I think Chatwing has to know about this, so that they can contact you directly and give you proper instructions... You can click on this link to contact them:

  3. This chatting tool is great! And I noticed that you're using it too hehe. Might try using this one to chat with my friends.

  4. I paid quite alot for my chat system and your system absolutely does NOT have more features than alot of systems.
    While Chatwing looks ok for the inexperienced website designer and will probably do well for someone like that & I think it isn't a bad chat system but it just doesn't meet our standards of excellence that we need to keep up with technology, as well as the sleek look and feel that we have become known for.
    You have a ways to go before you get to where our chat system is at.


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