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Thursday, January 24, 2013Traveliztera

This post is about another Youtuber related to our last featured person, Chinaeyes22. I didn't know these two knew each other, until they both saw we were all connected. I already saw his video even before I became mshypersinger on Youtube.That video was a tribute to HappySlip, and it was full of 3D effects and was very impressive. Nonetheless, I learned that he was part of Noytube, and he was making great collab videos alongside Chinaeyes22. Ever since, I've been invited to their numerous collabs, and I am honoured to be part of these. 

This person I am going to introduce to you is someone who is known for creating great visual effects on Youtube. He is most famous for his SUPERHERO COLLABS, wherein so many Youtubers from all over the world turn into heroes and villains effortlessly (because all the effort goes to Regisor94 who will be editing everything lol). He has creative ideas, and is willing to help out other Youtubers in creating explosive videos (literally full of explosions! hehehe!). He is known to be a kuya or a big brother to Youtubers, and is a great friend to anyone. Let us check out our YOUTUBER-- REGISOR94!!!

NAME: Reggie Soriano

AGE: 41

LOCATION: Virginia, USA 


When did you start Youtube?

- I created a YouTube account in July of 2007. It was solely for the purpose of uploading an entry for the Heinz “Taste This!” video contest.

Why did you decide to finally share your videos online?

- I decided to finally share some of my student work online, because I really wanted to reach a bigger audience. Before YouTube, the largest audience I’ve reached with my work was at the screening of my student film “Dare to Dream” during one of the Art Institute of Washington’s film festivals. It felt amazing to know that so many people were actually watching what I had created.

Posting my videos online and actually getting feedback from people in other parts of the world provided a very similar feeling.

How long have you been producing videos (even outside the online world) ?

- I've always been interested in movies and special effects since I was a kid, but I never started producing videos until the early '90's, when a friend and I started making mini-documentaries and music videos of fun times with our friends. We actually started editing using two camcorders, a VCR and an old BetaMax.

In 2002, I went to school for animation and motion graphics, but also learned a lot about editing and cinematography. I gained a lot of editing experience from producing behind-the scenes documentaries of two 48-HOUR Film Projects. After that, I tested my hand in special effects and compositing.

Only in 2008 did I really do videos about myself for YouTube.

How did you come up with your username?

- In college, I first came up with “RegiSor” as a brand name for a business class. It was just part of my first name and my last name. That nickname stuck with me ever since. When I started YouTube, I really had my heart set on using that name even more because I learned that “regisor” meant “movie director” in another language. Unfortunately, it was taken.

I created “RegiSor2” but I didn’t like how it sounded merely like an alternate version of “RegiSor” so I immediately deleted that channel. I decided to draw off my fond memories as a Commissary bagger where I was “Bagger 94.” And so “RegiSor94” was born. I really loved how it had both rhyme and rhythm to it. I stuck with it and still like it to this day.

What kind of videos do you do?

- If I really had to narrow it down, I’d say I do, first and foremost, action movie trailers, and secondly, music videos. As with all my videos, they’re all intricately edited and always have some sort of motion graphics or special effect in them. It all depends on the vision that I have in my head in each project. I rarely vlog, but I also like to do travel videos and YouTube gathering/meetup videos.

I simply want to do videos that are more than just ordinary. Whether it’s through edits to music, visual effects or graphics, I want my viewers to have something unique to watch with every video, and to expect that level of video every time.

Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to making these videos?

- Ideas for my videos really come from a variety of sources. When listening to the lyrics of some songs, I can actually picture my own video in my head. And often times, it’s very hard to let those visions go. Other times, I’m inspired by action, fantasy, and science-fiction movie trailers.

What is your BEST VIDEO that will summarize what you can offer ?

- Most people would say either “Down to the Wire” or “The SuperHero Collab 2” would be my top choices for my BEST video, but honestly, I’d say that my best video was “Wreckless Driven.” That video tells in detail the actual events of a near-accident in 2008 which became a truly eye-opening experience. 


The script from that video was directly from a blog I wrote soon after that fateful day. I simply adapted it for the video. “Wreckless Driven” used every story-telling technique I had in my arsenal: from telling the story on camera, to recreating the scenes on the road, from motion graphics to compositing with a green screen, and even to 3-D animation. For that one video, I did whatever it took to recreate my personal perspective to my viewers.

But aside from that video being a very technical work of art, it was also very emotional and compelling. It really tested my editing skills to make it flow smoothly and to find the perfect music for the mood. The song at the end is still very moving to me whenever I hear it.

What is your overall goal in terms of video production? Do you want to fully pursue this career?

- I’d certainly like to do more with effects and compositing. I certainly feel like I’m the type of person who doesn’t mind endless hours of editing, or going frame-by-frame for a quick effect. So I would certainly like to work for a big production house like Industrial Light & Magic. Ultimately, I’d love to direct and produce my own movies.

What was your greatest accomplishment on Youtube?

- You would think that either “HappySlip Havoc” or “The SuperHero Collab 2” would be the ones I’d consider my greatest accomplishment on YouTube, since they have the most views on my channel. However, I’d say that my greatest accomplishment on YouTube is helping form the online Pinoy YouTuber group known as NoyTube.

NoyTube has inspired me to travel and actually meet so many people, and even to bring together all the people I know. I’m proud to be deemed “The American Ambassador of NoyTube” (all though I’ve been to Canada too!) All the connections that I’ve made, with others and between many others, is something I’m most proud, and something I never expected to do when I started YouTube.

Any message for the viewers?

- I’d just like to say that, with YouTube, and so many other things in life: You get out of it what you put into it. Do your videos because you ENJOY doing videos. If you’re only in it to seek internet stardom, you more than likely will end up disappointed, even if you do become a YouTube partner which is hardly the “end-all, be-all” of this site. Just have fun, remain true to yourself and not stress yourself out over videos. Your audience will pick up on your positivity and certainly enjoy your videos much more.

Thanks Kuya Reggie for sharing your Youtube story! You have been a great asset to people who aim to unite Youtubers. Thank you for being a great friend, and for introducing me to other wonderful people! Can't wait to see the new Superhero Collab! 

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