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Happy FUNNY New Year!

Monday, December 31, 2012Traveliztera

To welcome the NEW YEAR happily, I am going to give you a funny story. This really happened, and the characters in this super uber short story are people whom I know really well. Here it goes...

This girl (whom we will call "Ambrosia" because I love PUGAD BABOY) was overseas until the morning of the 31st of December. She was arriving in the Philippines that afternoon, so she didn't have time to prepare for their New Year's Eve celebration (and she was ALWAYS the one preparing for their celebration). Thus, she told her partner in the Philippines (whom we will call "Engelbert" because I love this name) ahead of time to buy 12 different kinds of round fruits, as this was part of the NEW YEAR tradition. When she got home, she was shocked at the numerous fruits on their table and floor.

AMBROSIA: Why do we have so many fruits??? It's like we're selling fruits here!

ENGELBERT: You told me to buy 12 different kinds of fruits!

AMBROSIA: Yes, but not 12 pieces of EACH kind of the 12 different fruits! Now we have 144 fruits!!

AMBROSIA ... A character created by POL MEDINA JR. CREDITS TO POL MEDINA JR. (Read more about PUGAD BABOY by clicking here!)


Seriously, this made me laugh because I KNOW THESE PEOPLE, and imagining them having this situation is just so darn funny! I can just imagine 12 melons, 12 watermelons, 12 oranges, EXACT 12 pieces of grapes,  etc. 

Anyway, I hope the story made you laugh, even though it's funnier to see the exact scenario! Hehe!


I AM EXCITED FOR 2013! I can't wait to see next year's surprises for me... you... EVERYONE! I hope you guys had a great 2012! I am wishing you all A VERY BLESSED 2013!!!  MORE EXCLAMATIONS!!! YAYYY!!!

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  1. Happy New Year!!!!!! Love ko yang maraming exclamations, haha! Can't imagine having 144 fruits on our table, hahaha!

    1. I love Pol Medina so as his cartoons and Pugad Baboy. Happy 2013 Ate! :)) Godbless!

  2. Happy New year. Just dropped by your blog, followed you and hope you can follow back

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