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Scandinavian Tour (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, & Estonia)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012Traveliztera

I can't believe that it is only now that I am blogging about my Scandinavian trip in 2010. I miss traveling around the globe, and decided to look back at my old photos. I suddenly got inspired to share something from my last trip to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia, due to the current wonderful flashbacks of memories and emotions I felt during that particular trip.  

The places we visited were beyond amazing, and made me feel like either I was transported back in time, or I was in a certain movie.I will not be detailing stories from every place we visited because I am saving that for another post. For now, I am just going to give you an overview of what I liked during the tour.

Let's start off with Denmark... 

I love how they were able to maintain the historical feel of the city. Look at how BURGER KING was incorporated into that magnificent building.

Ahhh yes... Eating mini CRUNCH while they were all taking photos. Oh, they took a photo of me. Such a quiet and peaceful city! Each CRUNCHy bite, CRUNCHes loudly. LOL. What am I saying?

HEADACHE. Need... more... chocolates. Haha! Nonetheless, look how the streets are almost empty!

Hans Christian Andersen's home and neighbourhood. I wanted to pose like this. The image looked like a lion, although I am sure it wasn't a lion. My posing is like a "second grade trying hard copycat". Get it? Get it? Haha.

This was still around Hans Christian Andersen's neighbourhood. Reminded me of Belle singing her song in her "little town--a quiet village".

Norway, on the other hand, reminded me of M2M, and their video of "The Day You Went Away", especially when we visited the snowcapped mountains. Hey! M2M are Norwegians, so they were really stuck in my head the whole time. I even made my own "THE DAY YOU WENT AWAY" music video.

In addition to that particular music video, I also felt like I was part of The Lord of the Rings movie, that I recreated the scene of the fellowship during their journey at Caradhras.

SOURCE: Filmsruss and The Lord of the Rings

Norway is also known for their vikings. We visited a huge viking museum, and I even took photos of me wearing a viking hat. I don't want to post them here though... They are scary-- my facial expressions in the photos were scary, rather.

I like how Norway is so green. The waters were also reflecting everything above them. Everything looked pure and well-maintained. Behind us was our hotel... Seriously, I didn't expect we'd get something beautiful like this. Additionally, it was the time of the year when Norway was having their MIDNIGHT SUN. 24-hour SUN. The sun did not set, so it was hard to sleep. 

SWEDEN was so beautiful. I love their lakes, and I love their food. Strolling around Sweden was so relaxing. They have so many ducks by the way. Like seriously. And I love ducks. I basically took so many duck videos and photos when I was in Sweden. LOL. They had a particular area where ducks loved to hang out. SO MANY DUCKS. Yes, I can't stop saying DUCKS!!!

FINLAND= Nokia. Right? Right? LOL. Anyway, what I particularly liked during this trip was the journey to Finland. We took an overnight buffet-filled cruise from Sweden to Finland, and seeing the latter upon arrival was so magnificent. It was as if everything became still and quiet. Then we went down the ship, and the journey continued. Additionally, I met a Vietnamese overseas student here during our visit to the mall, wherein we had a delicious meal of chicken at the place where he was working at. 

Below is a photo of Finland's National Museum. Mom took my photo. I wanted this angle because of the bear. Yeah, I love ducks and bears.

ESTONIA is the place to be if you feel like living in a place where you can see "Ye Olde Archery Shops" and Robin Hood. That kind of era. Estonia made me feel like I was really back in time. The people there wore their historical clothes, and they danced in circles in the middle of the streets. I can't wait to show you more photos of this trip.

Anyway, that's it for now. I don't like to bore people with my long posts... Hehe! I will make another one soon! I want to go back there once I have my own family, and make them experience what I have experienced. I am sure it's a different experience next time, so I can't wait for that too!

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  1. you've been everywhere! so jealous! I love ducks and bears tooooo hehe can't wait to see pics from your next travels!

  2. You're so yaman and so humble and so pretty and smart and you're travelling around the world. I'm not worthy na talaga to be on your blog list. :-D

  3. Grabe the snow :) uwi some for me hehe

  4. may diyosa oh :) Ang ganda sa Sweden pala.

  5. Pinatugtog ko yung video ahahaha brings back memories nung sumikat yung kantang yun...

  6. Wow, you've been in Norway, where particularly? Lofoten? The big Viking museum? Cool. Btw how long was your travel with these 5 countries? Thanks.

    1. Hi Gracie! We travelled around Norway, so it covered the capital and the outskirts... I think it took us almost a week to go around the country...

      To travel around these 5 countries, we reserved a month ... =)


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