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Max Factor Flipstick Review : Folky Pink

Thursday, November 15, 2012Traveliztera

If you like to play with lip colours, this product is for you.

Max Factor's "Flipstick" line is all about a lip product with two lipsticks on each end. One is a pigmented colour, and one is a highlighter. Though you may have plenty of contrasting lipstick colours which you would like to mix up, this product makes it easier for you because two professionally matched colours had been combined together in one product.

I bought FOLKY PINK, and it is a nice girly shade, but I saw that Gipsy Red looks more fun and creative, because of the gold hint of the highlighter against the bold red colour. Nonetheless, this is still a nice wearable and safe shade.

the rich colour

the highlighter

You can play with them by:

1) Colouring your whole lips with the rich colour and highlighting the middle part of your lips.

2) Colouring your whole lips with the rich colour and layering them with the highlighter, to create a light pink shade. This is helpful whenever you do not have that certain lipstick colour.

3) Using one shade on your top lip, and one shade on your bottom lip.

the highlighter, the rich colour, and the combination of the two colours

It's now time for the PROS and CONS!


- it's fun to mix the colours up
- creamy formulation, so it does not dry your lips
- rich colour
- fast application due to high pigmentation
- long-lasting
- affordable lip art


- packaging
(If you noticed in the first few photos above, the packaging is exactly like that. The lipsticks do not get twisted down to a point that they are enclosed within the tube. So, while your lipsticks are still tall, be careful when you are removing the caps, because you might slice them off.)

Despite the packaging issue, this is still a good product, which meets your lip art needs at an affordable price. I would recommend the GIPSY RED shade, though I haven't bought it yet. I've seen various swatches online, and I must say that GIPSY RED is really gorgeous.


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  1. Wow it was my first time to heard about lipstick highlighter =)nice to know kahit I use lipstick rarely (like in special occations only)lol.


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