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Guerlain Rouge G Garconne Lipstick Review

Tuesday, November 13, 2012Traveliztera

Guerlain Rouge G Gargonne (No. 25) is a very pigmented red lipstick, enclosed in a special Guerlain mirrored case. Aside from its fancy packaging, the product itself is of its value.

Its redness is very classic, and due to its heavy pigmentation, the shade can be controlled from fuchsia pink to rich red. Though lipsticks can be controlled in terms of shades, the advantage of highly pigmented products like this is that the pigmentation keeps the soft shades in full long-lasting colour, despite the light application.

GUERLAIN ROUGE Garconne's shades range : fuchsia pink to classic red

- rich pigmentation
- controllable shade
- creamy formulation
- easily glides upon application
- has a moisturizing hint
- has a violet scent 
- lasts up to 8 hours
- wearable since the shade can be controlled
- mirrored case

- the weight of the lipstick's casing is heavy, but this may not bother you that much
- a bit pricey, but that is what you get from a high quality product

I highly recommend this product! 10/10.


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