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When Zombies Arrive Series: #1 My Zombie Chase Music

Tuesday, October 23, 2012Traveliztera

How I imagine myself when being chased by zombies...

I may be running without guns, but I have a hardcore background music. YEAH!

What's your background music once you're being chased around by zombies? Here's mine:

MY ZOMBIE RUN SONG IS: Don Abandons Alice from 28 Weeks Later

"When Zombies Arrive Series" is all about my random thoughts about the zombie apocalypse. I have been a zombie enthusiast since I was a child, and my thoughts about them entertain me a lot. I hope they entertain you too.

Photo by 
Video and Music by 20th Century Fox : 28 Weeks Later 

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  1. Ahh so you have the walking dead fever too. Siguro ako ang chase song ko eh eye of the tiger para kunwari montage lang LOL


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