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As a longtime fan of zombie movies, and getting into debates with friends who love VAMPIRES more than ZOMBIES, I am so happy how THE WALKING DEAD has changed the perspective of numerous people towards zombies. Okay, well, I am sure this perspective is still the same as "Zombies are nasty.", but I am talking about how more people are starting to appreciate zombie-related movies and TV series, which is why THE WALKING DEAD is getting plenty of people excited.

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Before I go further, I love the fact that Andrew Lincoln got his spotlight here as Rick Grimes, because I adore  him from his story with Keira Knightley in LOVE ACTUALLY. That is where I first discovered him, and was therefore surprised how he portrayed his new character in THE WALKING DEAD well. After seeing him play a mild character in LOVE ACTUALLY as Mark, who fell in love with his best friend's wife, Juliet (Keira Knightley), I am definitely impressed with his strong portrayal of emotions in THE WALKING DEAD. I can go on and on with this, but the bottom line is: ANDREW LINCOLN proved his versatility as an actor in this TV SERIES.

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In addition, I would love to stay with Andrea (Laurie Holden) if we end up getting stuck with a swarm of zombies. I couldn't help but love her since she first showed up in the series, and when I looked her up at IMDB.COM, I saw that she was CYBIL in SILENT HILL, and I LOVE CYBIL SO MUCH! No wonder I was subconsciously holding on to Andrea's survival all throughout the series. There's something in Laurie Holden that gives these "courageous fighter" vibes, whether she's Andrea or Cybil, and I love those vibes. 
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It's either Andrea or Daryl (Norman Reedus). Daryl may look like a very rough guy, but I love how he cares about others. Such a softie deep inside. His character was built well in Season 2. He's the guy with the crossbow and arrows. No, I'm not going to relate him with Legolas. Haha.

SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daryl_Dixon_(The_Walking_Dead)

Glenn (Steven Yeun) is also a loveable character, especially with his issues about proving himself in terms of being looked upon with responsibilities. Sadly, he is already partnered up with someone else, so I'll just stay with Andrea or Daryl. Lol. By the way, check this video out, wherein Glenn and Daryl worked with some of The Soup's stars in creating a "THE WALKING DEAD" spoof called "SOUP OF THE WALKING DEAD":

I cannot help but say that I love all the characters in the series. Though some may get annoying, I was definitely affected with the things that would happen to them. That is a good thing, because obviously, the series just captured my emotions.  I commend them for working well on developing the characters, giving us various stories to follow, and allowing us to choose those who are worthy of sympathy. Of course, I do not like to give some spoilers, so I am very vague with my post. Basically, if you haven't seen the series yet, I recommend that you watch this. I'm giving it 10/10. Whether you like zombies or not, the storyline itself will keep you tuned in.

I just wanted to let out some of my thoughts regarding my love for THE WALKING DEAD, so I apologize for saying so much about how I truly truly truly love the series. Anyway, SEASON 3 is coming! Who's excited!? And look who's coming back from Season 1! I will not spoil it, so you have the choice to view the TRAILER below, or just wait until the episodes come out. 

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I am also hooked to THE WALKING DEAD game, which is available on PC/MAC, PS3, XBOX 360, and iPHONE/iPAD. It is such an emotional game, and makes you choose among difficult options that will affect the storyline. Check it out:

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Check out these photos from the Premiere Party of AMC THE WALKING DEAD at CITYWALK Hollywood !

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  1. you got it right...TWD deserves a 10/10----nah..11/10 ---every character is well-developed...they do indeed capture emotions...i;ve also got this hype and fondness for zombies ever since resident evil in PS1...and this one's just got to be the best of all the zombie-stuff there is...including plants versus zombies, nyaha. ang bilis lang ng panahon. when season 2 ended, i thought i couldn't wait longer...parang ang haba ng bitin period..pero in just a few weeks, walking dead 3 na!!! konteee na luhng!!!! RAWR! :) i can't wait for carl to get all badass! and so as with the new character..michone! btw, imma gonna get that game there. weeeeeee

  2. This show is so interesting that it's amazing!! :D Not only that there are zombies, but the characters and storyline is just well done that it keeps everyone moved to see what happens next. It sadly makes the Resident Evil movies a flop. :P If I had the chance and money to recreate Resident Evil, I will do it the right way. Well done, Steph!! :D


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