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Q & A with Sydney Artist Manager: ROKELITE

Saturday, August 25, 2012Traveliztera

Handling some of the most promising talents in Sydney, such as Smooth (2011 Star Central Male Artist of the Year) and Kyrah Cilia (2011 X Factor Australia Finalist), I am lucky to know one of the biggest artist managers in the future of the music scene-- Robert Wu a.k.a. "ROKELITE". 

Rokelite with Xuefeng An(rapper/songwriter/producer/engineer)

I was also able to meet the artists under his management last year-- SMOOTH and SAZZY-- and they are definitely amazing and talented. Such a small world because he also knows a fellow musician, FlipAus, who is also connected to my cousin's girlfriend. Talking about connections, Rokelite discovered me through E11eventh Avenue's jFlip216. Because of all these connections, I was able to know so many talented music artists here in Australia! 

Robert, Saz, and me ... Robert is "trying" to make music behind us.

Rokelite does not know this, but while we were watching Smooth and Sazzy's performance, Kyle (FlipAus) told me that Rokelite manages well, and can get his artists the gigs that they deserve. I have also noticed how he has given Smooth numerous gigs in just a year, and the recent one was a set of continuous events in just one month. This man is really serious with his business.

Anyway, enough about how I got to know Rokelite. It's time to know more about him!

Who is Rokelite?
-For the readers unfamiliar with me, my name is Robert Wu. I exclusively manage (rapper/songwriter) Smooth and (singer/songwriter/producer)  Kyrah Cilia, whilst studying the Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management at JMC Academy.

Rokelite with the Kid Young Cash (rapper/songwriter)

How and where did you start as a manager?
- I started my artist management venture when I first discovered and managed Smooth in January 2011.

Rokelite's Talent: Smooth

Where do you get all the connections necessary to keep you going or what do you do to get yourself out there?
- People ask me all the time. I have no plan that I follow, however I heavily interact through social media to meet new people and promote all the time.

Storme, Rokelite, DJ So Phreshh, and SF1

Who or what is your inspiration?
- My main sources of inspiration come from DJ Skee, Matty Woo, Cody Kunigel,  and TJ Chapman.

Who are the artists you have managed and/or are still managing?
- I’m currently managing 2011 StarCentral Male Artist of the Year Smooth and I have recently secured a management agreement with 2011 Australian X Factor Finalist Kyrah Cilia.

2011 Star Central Male Artist of the Year: Smooth
2011 X Factor Australia Finalist: Kyrah Cilia with Amanda Rose (Radio Presenter/ Business Consultant) @ 2CCR FM radio

What is your greatest achievement in your career?
- I don’t think I have achieved anything yet and I still have a lot to work for.

What else do you do aside from managing artists?
- Aside from managing artists, I like to enjoy and relax with photography, food, technology, gaming, travelling, sports, fashion, and movies.

Rokelite's Published Article

What are your plans for your future career?
- In the future I envision myself working for either Ministry of Sound Australia, Jason Williamson Management, Skull Candy Australia or Leagues of Legends, and to tour internationally with Smooth and Kyrah Cilia.

How can people contact you for bookings/services?
For event booking or more information, you can email me at or alternatively keep up to date with me on Twitter,

Also I would like to take a quick moment to thank Ms. Hyper Singer for this interview. In addition to the moral support from Smooth, jFlip, Margarita Udarbe, Sherwin Vangunster, Kyrah Cilia and Louise Haru.

Thank you so much for the opportunity, Rokelite! I am happy to see how your career is setting off. Stay humble, and I wish you all the best!!! =)

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