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UPDATE: Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr (2012)

Sunday, August 05, 2012Traveliztera

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr 's marriage is rumoured to be shaky after reports have been released regarding the couple being seen without their wedding rings (click here to read more about the news). However, this rumour is being challenged by Orlando Bloom's action to move to New York City with Miranda Kerr next year, after getting signed to become part of a Broadway version of "Romeo and Juliet". Also, Orlando Bloom just arrived in Sydney, two weeks after Miranda Kerr came, to spend a private holiday with the model.

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Why am I telling you this update? Well, a lot of you are asking for my reaction since I am a fan (not a teenybopper like I used to though).

My old parody videos with Orlando Bloom:

Again, I am still happy for the couple. If the rumour is true, it is good to know that the recent updates about the couple seem to suggest that actions are being done to save the marriage. If the rumour is not true, then HURRAY! On the other hand, I do wish I get to meet him randomly to live out my childhood dream. He's been visiting Sydney plenty of times, and I almost had a chance the last time he came wherein he even guested in The Kyle and Jackie O Show. Sadly, I could not go due to school commitments. 

Orlando Bloom talks about Miranda Kerr during his guesting in THE KYLE AND JACKIE O Show.

Anyway, according to the news, Orlando Bloom arrived in SYDNEY without getting plenty of attention because he was able to blend in with the other travellers. Can I just react on this as someone who has been wanting to meet him for the past 10 years? I visited MANILA last last week and came back to Sydney a week before Orlando Bloom did. The funny thing is, I was really alert upon arriving at the Sydney airport last week, thinking "What if Orlando Bloom is also here???" Grrrr... Once again, I missed his arrival because he is a week late. I am sure that he will still stand out for me despite the blending effort. LOL. This is not the first time I missed meeting him. A few years ago, Orlando Bloom was shooting some scenes for his movie somewhere in Europe. I was unaware that time, but I was touring and staying around this certain area where they eventually shot the movie --a day AFTER I left. 

A few years later, still during my teenage years, my parents and I went to Europe again, and this time, I heard the news that he was shooting his movie a few hours from our hotel. I was helpless because we were also busy with our travels, and I just stared at the panoramic view from our hotel terrace, thinking "Orlando Bloom is somewhere out there... Oh well... At least I know we're both in the same country right now." 

Coincidentally, I now live in Sydney. His wife is also from Sydney. He's been coming here plenty of times. Unfortunately, I still haven't seen him. Anyway, I am not really a stalker nor a teenybopper, so I do not know his whereabouts all the time and I plan not to because I respect their privacy a lot. If I get to meet him, then I'll be really happy because that is a childhood dream. 

Moving on from my childhood dream, I am excited for Orlando Bloom's new THEATRE PROJECT! I am a huge theatre enthusiast , and I also know that Orlando started as a theatre actor, so I am completely happy that he is going back to where he began as an actor. I am definitely looking forward to his performance as a Broadway artist, and I do hope that eventually, the project spreads worldwide, which is always possible. 

ORLANDO BLOOM (15 yrs. old) singing at a theatre show.

Lastly, I am wishing all the best for Orlando, Miranda, and Flynn. They do have plenty of challenges, given the requirements of the couple's jobs, but I hope that they will get through all those and remain intact if they can for their family. So far, like I said, recent news had been suggesting that Orlando and Miranda are spending more time together, and I do hope that both of them will become happier than before.

Treat for you. Starring me, Orlando Bloom, and the other LORD OF THE RINGS cast.

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