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MsHyperSinger on CgeTV INDALOOP 's Pilot Episode

Tuesday, April 24, 2012Traveliztera

 Last night, CgeTV INDALOOP ( ) aired its pilot episode on ABS-CBN, which had plenty of CGEZENS on the edge of their excitement. It is a new show that aims to air videos uploaded by anybody to (where I've been a member since it first came out in 2010 I think) , and it is hosted by Anna (click this to read my post about her), Jessica, Edu, Nikko, Chacha, & Kuya Jobert.

I was not aware that my video was included in their episode, until I woke up with tweets and tags regarding my TELEPHONE video being on last night's show. I missed the episode because of the timezone (it was pretty late here and I had to leave early in the morning), so I am still happy that GEEMAN was able to record it. Thank you Geeman! And thanks to Cristy IamMsFeeLan, Princess Oasis, CGEZEN Jahkenz, and Leigh Oasis for notifying me! :)

Screencapture from Geeman's Recorded Footage

Here is the video they aired during last night's episode:

 To view the full video of my "Telephone" cover on CGETV, click:

FACT: The "Telephone" video means a lot to me and some bloggers, because I shot & edited this the whole night with only a few minutes of sleep, then I was off to meet some of the U-BLOGGERS for the first time!!! They were among the first few to watch this video, so I dedicate this to you guys and everyone who supported it since its release! =)

To watch the FULL PILOT EPISODE via WWW.CGE.TV , click here:


CGETV, thank you for including me in your playlist! More power to you guys! I love how you are empowering everyone to release their creativity, and you have been helpful in becoming their creative outlet. Keep it up! You're continuously inspiring the Filipinos to share what they have.

To those who have something to share, join and get the chance to be aired on TV!

CGETV INDALOOP airs every 12:30 AM on ABS-CBN.

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  1. oh yeah!!! sikat na :) Congratulations :)

  2. wow. ibang level ka na po talaga hehe paautograph naman hehe

  3. yun oh napanood ko to... ibang level ka na crush hahahah!!!
    pag uwi mo ha.. wag kalimutan magpapicture sau hahah!!

  4. wow naman, nakakaproud! anudaw? hehe... congrats ganda!

  5. Oh my. I bet sobrang saya mo talaga. Well, you deserve it. Yan ang vid na una kong nakita dito and I loved it. Keep up the good work! You are very talented!

  6. Steph, pwede na kita kunan celeb ka na hahahaha :))


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