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I have recently been featured by 4 amazing bloggers, and would love to make a post to thank them for the thought of including me in their creative blogs.

I have been featured here not only once, but twice--which makes me really speechless. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kuya Bino for interviewing me for your HOT SEAT post, and for including me in your Pinoy Youtube Idols list!  

To read the PINOY YOUTUBE IDOLS post:

Thank you Kuya Bino for the appreciation and friendship! You have an amazing personality which we all love! PLEASE POST YOUR VLOG SOON!!! 


In December 2011, I was invited by Ms. Leah, my favorite down-to-earth Ilongga blogger, to write an article about any topic of my choice from her list. I chose "DRUGS". I took another perspective regarding this matter, especially with the fact that I was having my clinical placement for Mental Health during those days, wherein I got to handle patients who have substance abuse problems.

 My article revolved around the drug abuser's side, to help other people understand why drug abuse happens. As a nurse, it is also my role to raise awareness among the general population, and I hope that this article contributes to this advocacy. Again, thank you Miss Leah for being an instrument to this. I appreciate your invitation and kindness! Thank you!

This is my GUEST POST that was published at IAMSUPERLEAH.COM:

I was touched when Bagotilyo told me that he wanted to feature my JAR OF HEARTS (Cover) video on his blog. My video was displayed on his blog's sidebar for a week, and that meant a lot for me (and Kuya Andrew). Thank you!

Thank you so much for the appreciation! Also, keep singing because you are talented!

I am now on his FEATURED VIDEOS LIST page:

A fellow Youtuber and travel blogger, Justin launched his new blog to promote the beauty of our country-- one of my dream projects since I was a kid. I got included in his "Travel, LIKE" post, wherein my view regarding traveling was shared. Thank you Justin for your invite! I wish you all the best with your new website!

Feel free to visit their awesome blogs! They are very talented, and friendly as well!

To the bloggers I have mentioned, A BIG THANK YOU for being part of my life! You are great blessings to me! =) Take care!

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  1. Awww. You're very welcome, Stephie. :)

    Actually, coincidence ata.. naisip ko ring ifeature yung Jar of Hearts cover mo last week. Uhm last week ba yun? Pero nahirapan akong icopy yung codes ng videos mo sa blog ko. :( Dunno why. Kaya sabi ko, next time. I then searched for Jar of Hearts cover, dun ko nakita yung 2 Years Apart na band. :) The next day, nifeature ka pala ni Bino sa Damuhan. haha. naku naman, pareho ba kami na naisip nun? lols..

    Anyway, thank you rin sa napakagandang guest article. Alam ko na sa post na yun, nakatulong tayo sa pag raise ng awareness about drug addiction/drug abuse.. That they also need to be heard, and that they need our help. :) Thanks again, Stephie. Sa uulitin? hehe..

    Stay awesome!

  2. i'll be posting my vlog soon. and of course, it's my pleasure to feature you :)

  3. Wow!You've been featured couple of times. BTW Nice voice, nice rendition of that song

  4. its my honor steph .. ayiiieee..

    ill keep singing para maging kasing galing kita.. idol :)))


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