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Saturday, August 17, 2013Traveliztera

I have curly hair. People think it means high maintenance, because you get a hard time styling them, especially when they are out of control and you can't get the curls in their manageable state. That was one of the reasons why I decided to have a rebonded hair for 7 years. Yes, from 13 years old to 20 years old. But by the time I reached my 21st, I decided to love my curls and work with them and not against them. To see how my hair evolved, check out my post here: 

Whether you got short, medium, or long curls, YOU CAN TOTALLY WORK YOUR HAIR OUT! =)

I have been asked plenty of times, whether offline or online, regarding how I manage my curls. To illustrate their concerns, one blogger sent me a direct message, asking me for tips. I have blogged about how I used to manage these curls before (, but just to update my tips, as well as to help out those who have the same questions, I am answering the blogger's message here.

"okay... i have to make u make a post about my hair concern - i personally dont like to have another round of rebond for my hair. But my hair is starting to grow its natural kinky hair...unlike your hair, you have those big wavy curls... i have kinky hair ?(and i blame my dad for this..LOL!)... what should i do to make my kinky hair look NATURALLY good? what haircut? how to make it healthy??



Hi Nique! Thank you for the questions! I'll answer them one by one. =)


- Yes, I have the big crazy waves that do not follow a certain pattern, so if I don't fix them well, they end up being a big fluff of hair. I used to envy my mom's curls, because she has kinky curls-- probably the same as yours. I noticed how kinky curls follow the other strands beautifully, unlike my big waves, which seem to stretch out and become awkwardly caught up between being curly and straight when I lie down or when they get blown by the wind without me using any hair products to keep them intact.

Nonetheless, kinky or not, there are great products out there to help you define your curls beautifully. It took some time for me to find the products that suited me, so yes, I had to undergo a number of trials and errors. Now, the products I might recommend may or may not meet your expectations, but for me, they worked so well.  

When I was in the Philippines, these were the products I used to apply onto my hair:

1. V05 Extreme Style Curvaceous Curls Styling Mousse 

Firstly, I like the smell. Secondly, when you apply it to your curls, they come out soft and bouncy. This is the main reason why I became a fan of V05-- they don't give you the curls that are so hard to touch. Yes, other products may define your curls and keep them intact, but they are too intact that they are like strands stuck together with no natural texture at all. Think of someone who used too much gel. Your curls may be defined, but are too heavy and hard to be blown by the wind. That's how it would feel-- but not with V05 ! 

In addition, it gives you a 24-hour humidity resistance. That's an extra protection for your curls!

2. No. 12 Finesse Curl Defining Mousse

This one has a great smell too. This works the same way as V05, giving you soft and bouncy curls as well. The reason why I used two products was because sometimes, I feel like wearing the scent of Finesse for my hair. Hehe.

Now that I'm in Australia, I use the following products (I am not sure if Philippines has these, but I am pretty much sure that it has V05 products):

1. V05 Megahold Control Mousse
Now I know that this is not a curl defining mousse, and of course I would love to suggest a curl defining mousse if possible. However, sometimes, you have to look for alternatives if there are no available products around your place. Here, of course there are some curl defining products, but I discovered this alternative, and I must say that this works well like any curl defining mousse. The result is not tough curls, but soft and stable curls. That's what we want, right? You want your hair to be blown by the wind, yet still maintains that perfect curly state--not a fluffy and awkward state. Yes, I also like the smell.

2. Marc Daniels Rapid Curl Leave-in Treatment
There will be a time when your curls seem to be all over the place. In my case, my curls, when not moussed, will be in the middle of a curly and straight state. Yes, that awkward fluffiness. So to bring back the curliness to my hair, I use this. Among all of the products, this has to be my favorite in terms of smell. Also, I like the fact that it conditions my hair. It's basically an intense leave-in treatment conditioner that gives you a curling effect. However, though it gives you the natural curls--soft and bouncy-- it cannot keep them intact when you got wind out there. Unlike the mousse products, they keep my curls intact no matter what the weather is, thus, I use this product before applying mousse if I know that the weather is bad (LOL weather girl. Yeah, I can predict what the weather would be on that particular day. LOL just kidding. So to save me from wrong predictions, I still do this routine no matter what.).

3. V05 Firmhold Control Spray
When I don't use the mousse stuff, I use spray. However, the effects will be different. You get really really curly, but has a neat fly-away effect. Basically, I  only use this when I want something different. I also use this after using the mousse product, but what I do is I push my hair up to my crown area a bit, then spray to hold the "bump up" look. 

4. The Face Shop - Stylist Wonder Curling Wax

I made a separate post for this one. Click here to read my review.

1) Comb your hair with your fingers while showering.
2) After showering, towel dry your hair.
3) Get the required amount of product for your hair and apply it along the whole length of hair, giving more focus on the bottom half, especially the ends.
4) Scrunch your curls with your hands to define the curls further while the product settles.
5) Let your hair dry, but usually, I go for air-dry than blow dry, because if I do that continuously, I'll just damage my hair more.
6) Enjoy your hair! Easy!

If you scroll up to the photo wherein I placed the different haircuts I had with these curls, you can see that you can wear them whether you want a short, medium, or long haircut. What I would suggest is, of course: 

Get them layered. 

Curls will really give you a thick hair look, and if you want to tone it down and let it have a shape and style, layering is definitely an option.

Now, you also have to consider your face shape. When you have a round face like me, having curls will really widen your face more, especially if you got a short hair (which I currently have). However, layering it and adding side fringe will definitely add angles to your face, lessening its roundness. Of course, if your fringe is curly, it will add up to the roundness of your face, so, you may want to iron your fringe, but make sure that you use heat defense hair products before ironing your hair to protect it from further damage.

Here are some heat defense hair products I love:

 a) V05 Extreme Style Heat Defense
I used to use this before using an iron/blower.

 b. Garnier Fructis Style Thermo-Active Spray Sleek & Shine
This is what I currently use.
Looking at it, the main advantage of having curls is that you have an instant effortless look. Even when you just tie your hair back into a ponytail, you already have a twist to the look with your curls. However, the disadvantage is TANGLES. Curls can easily tangle, obviously because of their nature. So, how do we keep our curls healthy and tangle-free?


1. Avoid hairdryers and irons. You really do not want to damage your hair by drying it to infinity and beyond, right?

2. Use leave-in conditioners.  You want to continuously keep your hair moisturized, especially when you live in a really hot place. There are plenty of good leave-in conditioners out there, and I prefer the ones that are meant for reconstruction or rehydration.

Here are some of the products I have used:
  a. L'Oreal Paris ELVIVE Re-Nutrition Day Fluid

  b. L'Oreal Paris ELVIVE Re-Nutrition Night Elixir Leave-In

c. Sunsilk Keratinology 
- My current favorite, especially their leave-in treatment. It really leaves my hair soft. I could not stop touching my hair whenever this product takes its immediate effect. Intensive repair!!! Yeah!

3. Comb your hair with your fingers while conditioning your hair under the shower.
This will lessen the tension when combing your hair after showering. It's much easier to comb through your hair and detangle any problematic tangles when your hair is still soaked with conditioner. Basically, we just want to lessen breakages and struggles.

- UPDATED SECTION (March 20, 2013) - 

I just bought a conditioner that I want to recommend! Herbal Essences: Hello Hydration ! Check out my review here.
added on MARCH 20, 2013

The best way is to untangle during the conditioning stage of your hair when showering. However, sometimes, you're outside and you really want to remove those tangles and make your hair great again. I would recommend this product:

 Aside from protecting your coloured hair, it also helps in detangling your hair, as well as nourish and repair it with its unique formula. I also love the sweet smell!

5. Avoid brushing your hair when it is dry. 
This is the main reason why I don't own a comb. LOL. I only comb my hair with my fingers when I'm in the shower, with my hair soaked in conditioner. When you comb your hair while it is dry, you lose the form of your curls, and when you encounter tangles, you risk breaking your hair.

6. Hot oil. 
It's good to do hot oil once in awhile. You do not need to spend so much for a hair treatment. I use V05 Hot Oil Moisture Soak ELIXIR to treat my hair and keep it soft and healthy.

Basically, these are only some of the tips I have for you today. I hope I was able to help you with your hair concerns! Stay beautiful NIQUE! <3
** March 4, 2012 - 5:38 PM

If you have any more questions which you want me to answer through my blog, feel free to CONTACT ME BY CLICKING HERE

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  1. i admire girls who has a curly hair!! mine is wavy! :*

    Great tips also, i'll try search V05 here it might do great work also for my hair! hehehe

  2. first of all, thanks for spending time to answer my questionS...LOL. I knew you would be reliable!

    second: wow this is so helpful!!!!

    i'll try to look for VO5 here in the Philippines... OR! i think the sunsilk keratin is a good product...

    i also learned that moisture is the important key for kinky hair... share lang..

    and akala ko wash & wear ka;s nice to know you use mouse - the key to your beautiful curls! chos! :p

    nice line of products! i'm now excited to buy and use those products... hope it'll work for me!

  3. It's awesome that you decided to embrace your curly hair. It looks amazing! Thanks for the fab tips too!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I actually love curly hair! My hair is a weirdo wavy hair and I hate it! :(

  5. I have curly hair too :)
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog.
    Sure, I followed you back :)

  6. I have curly hair too! I'll follow your advice haha!

  7. This is very informative. I have been searching for ways to tame my curly hair. Thanks!

  8. thanks for this :) but i might try the HHN products..because I assume that those international brand are kinda expensive..hehe


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