Whitney Houston : Dead at 48

Sunday, February 12, 2012Traveliztera

The news has just come in that Whitney Houston has died. The reason of death is still unknown... However, reports say that she partied heavily last night with her group of friends and died at Beverly Hilton Hotel. She was found in her hotel room's bath tub with her head underwater.

Her family said that she has been taking a prescription drug called Xanax, which aims to treat anxiety and when taken with alcohol, it may cause drowsiness. Aside from this, police has seen half dozen bottles of medications in her room (TMZ). Official results of her autopsy are still placed on hold.

I was just listening to her songs yesterday... May her soul rest in peace... She will always be a legendary singer.

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  1. The day before she died, I was listening to her song, "I Had Nothing..." Sad.

  2. bakit naman nagiisa siya.kalungkot naman


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