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Kyle & Jackie O with Orlando Bloom on Feb.13

Sunday, February 12, 2012Traveliztera

Let me start this off again... Remember how I've always wanted to get the chance to meet Orlando Bloom? I already said this about Miranda Kerr and events started to happen to give me the opportunity to do so, but due to the fact that I cannot absent from my clinical placement on the days of these events, I am just hoping for another event that would take place at the right time. =(

Kyle and Jackie O

It's my birthday and my cousins decided to tell me "Are you going to be free on Monday? That is the perfect time for you to give yourself a birthday gift." And I am like... "Why? What's up on Monday?" Then they both said that Orlando Bloom was the co-host of my favorite radio show "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" this Monday! And I know where their station is, and my cousins told me I can drop by.

Orlando Bloom.
You know the feeling wherein your mind and heart were racing tremendously in all directions? I got restless. I want to absent, but I can't... And... but... Grrrr... That's an opportunity! It's a sure thing that he'll be in that place at that very moment!

However, for now... All I can say is: "I know there's another opportunity for me." The next day, Miranda Kerr will be at my favorite store, and once again, I cannot go because of my clinical placement. =( Again, "I know there's another opportunity for me."  Everything will come at the right moment.

So to all the fans of Orlando Bloom and The Kyle and Jackie O Show, listen to them on 2day FM on Monday. The show starts at 6:00AM and ends at 9:00AM.

Wanna know what happened during his guesting at the Kyle and Jackie O Show? Watch this funny segment:


And Orlando Bloom, I hope you get to see these videos I made with you as one of the stars. Guess who the other one is... LOL:

I REALLY HOPE YOU GET TO SEE THESE...!!! :( That would be an amazing birthday gift!!! 

Sigh...All these events are happening during my birth month. LOL! And I can't even go to these events! =((

I'll pretend that Orlando gave me the balloon. LOL

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  1. happy birthday po ulit.makasunod lang po pala tayo hehe =D you said "..there's another opportunity.." wag ka ng malungkot. =D


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