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Harvey Prince Fragrance Will Set The Mood

Sunday, February 19, 2012Traveliztera

Scents can change your mood. There are plenty of articles out there which talk about this fact, and because of this, batches of mood perfume are coming out. One striking brand caught my attention though, and this line of mood perfume is Harvey Prince.

Stressed out? Maybe you need a "Yogini" !

Their perfumes are very specific according to what you want to happen. Their products include:

1) Yogini - The newest addition to their line. It is meant to give you relaxation by calming your mind with its elevating mix.

2) Ageless - According to testimonials, many women say that they feel around 10 years younger. The mix seems to cover up the scent of age, and indeed makes you feel ageless. This is the scent that started it all, because the creators of Harvey Prince created this originally for their mother.

3)  Eu Fling - This seems to be a love potion. It is known for attracting men. If you feel like finding a date today, maybe you need this to do the flirting part.

4) Eu Flirt - Another potion. It also does the flirting part for you. Once you wear this, people will start talking about you with a positive wonder.

5) Coupling - This scent will get your man to be all yours. This has a sophisticated smell, and men have responded well to this scent.

6) Eu de Creme - Want to smell as satisfying as your favorite dessert? This has a smell of pink passion fruit, dark chocolate, french vanilla, and rum raisin, which will definitely give you that mischievous and sweet impression.

7) Eu de Lite - This scent has decreased appetite among those who wore this. Maybe you need this when you go out for an eat-all-you-can mode with your friends.

8) Submariner - Men, you're included in the line! It has an aquatic touch that elevates your masculinity and confidence. 

These are only some of their products. If you check them out, you'll see more products which may interest you. 

As you can see, their products were specially made to attract or change the mood of the people around, or the person herself. Of course, if you can get that confidence in just one spray, you would grab the opportunity, right? Aside from smelling good, you can also get the additional benefits of feeling young or having the best date of your life. Talk about getting hypnotized!

Actually, this brand has been the talk of the town. They have been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, The Early Show, Cosmopolitan, and The Huffington Post. If you want to get samples before you start buying, you can visit for more information.

Start spraying to start feeling exactly like the mood you want to be in!

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  1. its interesting. but is this available in the Philippines?

  2. @Superjaid - Sadly, it's not... :( However, they are open for online orders... :)

  3. ooohhh you should blog about products like this more often cause as you know, manila always get it late XD


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