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Birthday Video - Questions Answered

Tuesday, February 21, 2012Traveliztera

Remember the time I said on Twitter that if you got any questions, I'd answer them through a video? So some of you tweeted, and I made sure that your questions were answered. Haha! I didn't prepare any answers, so my responses were very spontaneous and weird. Also, some of you asked two questions, and I was not able to answer them consecutively, so you might have to search your second question after my answers to the other questions. So far, I think it's Leomer and Jepoy who had two questions... Haha!

The people who asked are the following (because apparently, some forgot that they were able to ask haha!):
- Domingo
- @thewinekone
- @Leomer
- @taragism
- @lyzius
- @erickamae06
- @JenneOllie
- @theprincejei
- @heyheykylie
- @superdevins
- @binobautista
- @musingan
- @DevonRealDeal
- @Akoni0609
- @leahsayomac
- @143mitchie
- @caffei_nate_d
- @______Michael
- @whatsadomadeof
- @applelipz20
- @carleendsantos
- @Sjmerida
- @JasonTelmo
- @LyonChantraE
- @emelynwestlifer
- @IncredibleJepoy
- @Romeocoolbadboy
- @freddiebadol
- @Gerlyndelillo
- @trishiebee
- @ginz156
- @kumagcow

Thank you for tweeting guys! I had fun answering your questions! =) Also, thank you for the greetings and the sweet comments! I love you guys! <3

Here's the video:

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  1. yehey! panoorin ko mamaya pagkatapos ko'ng magdownload :)

  2. napagoogle ako sa sagot mo don sa're so lovely.

  3. Hahaha..gustong maging gorgeous ni MUsingan? dude magpasex change ka para maging gorgeous..LOL kidding.natawa lang ako!..haha

  4. hehe. Natuwa ako sa answers mo sa question ko, Stephie. Far different from what I expected. hihi.. Balete Drive, huh? IBA KA! hehe..

    And Iloilo? You're so cool for choosing Iloilo. Wala.. eh Ilongga tayo eh. lol.. And did I hear a wee bit of Ilonggo accent there? Aww, you're so cute. :D

    And another great answer.. "Everyone is multi-talented. Release your talents and share them to the world." :)

    Again, happy birthday, Steph! ♥

  5. happy bday steph, yan ha? pinanood ko lahad. heheheh

  6. Happy Birthday Steph! =) thanks for answering Taragis.Com's question! ^^

  7. ang haba naman itong video mo, Happy B-day Steph!! bakit kaya hnd ako nakabigay ng tanong? sayang..

  8. The best birthday video ever!!!


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