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YOUTUBE SPOTLIGHT: I.J.D.'s New Album: "Shattered Memoirs"

Sunday, January 29, 2012Traveliztera

When I first entered YOUTUBE as mshypersinger (, I was discovered by an amazing artist called I.J.D   ( ). He is a Filipino, and his music revolves around interesting themes and personal stories. Of course, my favorite was when he rapped about Filipinos.

I've been invited to do a collab with him 2 years ago, but I guess we've been busy on things. However, I am proud to present his 3rd project, "Shattered Memoirs", because I'm in it. =p However, I feel bad that I somehow rushed my part due to my schedule, but overall, his project is beyond epic!

To tell us about his new album, here is I.J.D.! :)
Can you tell us about your new project?

"Shattered Memoirs" is my 3rd project overall, but my first album to be completed. It is probably the most emotional project I have done to date, with its somber tone and cutthroat lyrics, I was pretty clear in sending a message. The entire project from start to finish is split into stages (Reminisce, Revelation, Retaliation, & Retribution), the first stage being about what my life was like when I was with singer Maria Flores, the second stage was when I found out what sort of "relationship" she apparently had with me which ended up leaving me used and upset. Anger took over at that point, which led into the third stage and then in the end acceptance brought me to the conclusion that karma will end up knocking on her door and only then will I be truly satisfied with this situation. Nevertheless, this album was a way for me to release this personal demon from my system and in doing so I spared no detail of this relationship even mentioning names in my verses to send a clear message that this was for them.

Can you tell us the background of each song in your album?

1. "Welcome To The Shattered Memory" -- Simply an intro letting the audience know what they are about to hear and the type of emotions that will overcome them by the end of it. As you can hear, I gave Maria's personal business with me no mercy as I incorporated her voice from the private videos she sent me.

2. "Seductive Eloquence" -- Being in a long-distance "relationship", I don't even know why I'm calling it that considering that she didn't believe what we had was special, regardless, we did do a lot of dirty talking with each other and at this point I am beginning to reveal my feelings to Maria. Honestly, she's lucky I held some restraint to not include sounds from more "private" videos she sent me.

3. "Amazing" (Feat. Marnie Brown) -- At this point, we are deep into this thing that we had. I feel like the happiest man on the fucking planet. I did everything I could to be there for her, always messaged her, etc. & she told me how much it meant to her and how special I made her feel. Little did I know, all of this would come crashing down on me.

4. "Why?" -- Revealing everything to me in a Facebook message, she left my life abruptly. Telling me that she never broke up with her boyfriend (of 2 years) who she is still with by the way and that she was tired of lying to me & in the end said she never loved me at all. That day was one of the worst days of my life, I could not believe I put 8 months of my life devoted to her only to have it slapped back in my face. Apparently, she knew all along since Day 1 that eventually she would have to tell me, but decided to put me out of her life in the most disturbed way I ever experienced.

5. "She Was A Beautiful Song" -- A short song pretty much saying how much this woman meant to me, I wanted to spend my life with her, she was the one in my mind that I never wanted more than anyone in the world. She was my inspiration, now she's just another victim of my music.

6. "Lessons In Heartbreak" -- Taking a short step in another direction, I slowly let my temper enter the picture by revealing my past encounters with love leading up to my time with Maria. The second verse highlights a girl I was determined to woo years ago, but I was cut short by her current boyfriend Luis Villegas who eventually knocked her up and pretty much at this point I laughed hysterically in a very perverse manner because last year her older sister cheated on my older brother and she knew all about it, but didn't tell my brother until it was too late. I took that very personally, therefore taking shots at Eliza and Luis, her for being another statistic in America's teen pregnancy percentage and Luis' lack of knowledge to use protection because he's pretty much an idiot in life. The third verse was eventually brought back to my situation with Maria, it is here that the harshest line I have ever written is mentioned where I felt that the idea of her possibly getting pregnant by her boyfriend Aldeen as karma was not as satisfying to me. I took it a step further and wished that she would get throat cancer which would handicap her permanently from singing the one thing that gives her pathetic life meaning, I wanted her to lose the ability to sing, much like she took away my love and threw it away.

7. "Long Night Ahead" (Feat. Stephanie Singer) -- I couldn't sleep as well ever since Maria left my life, I was in a constant battle with insomnia and eventually I was beginning to feel more depressed and angry that my music life was slowly spiraling as well, noting that I was consistently overlooked and how certain people in my college were a fucking pain in the ass to share a room with because of their "fake" nature. These personal demons were always chained to my life and only through music was I able to break free from them.

8. "The Petal Comes Off The Flower" (Interlude) -- Think of it like an intermission, having gone through 3 stages of the album, we move to the present and how I am currently coping with this and how finally I am ready to move on.

9. "Tell Me (You're Wrong)" -- A short simple song retaliating against her song that she released about me entitled "Worth It", where she states that I am the one with the problem and not her, leaving me even more irritated that she has the nerve to say there was an explanation for all of this when there really wasn't considering she told me she did not know why she connected the way she did with me. I wanted to hear that everything about her was a dead lie, nothing, but a pretty face.

10. "All We Are" -- It is an emotional roller-coaster of life. Life Itself can flash right before your very eyes if you don't cease the moment and take flight to reach and achieve your dreams. I wanted her to know that despite being in this, we are artists and as artists our only mission is to make it, and I made it clear that if she reached the top of the mountain, I'd be there to push her off with my achievements.

11. "A Day In December" (Feat. Dineen Laurel) -- My own creation (concerning production as it is my own original), I wanted the album to culminate here because the video was released on her birthday, which was 5 days after mine. I gave a picture of what our birthdays would be, mine would be depressing while she would most likely drink and have her usual sexual romp with Aldeen. In the end, I said it was time to move on and that soon karma would arrive not for me, but for her and when it does, I would be there smiling as the tears flowed from her eyes. It was the rough ending to a chapter in my life that would seem that my character in music was left in limbo, but I feel it was a silent victory for myself personally.

How do you see yourself in the coming years?
As of now, with 2012 here, I have taken the year off from YouTube to pursue other forms of entertainment like mini-films, etc., but also to re-invent my music persona because I feel it has gotten old and I want to give myself a fresh start. I am still working on new music, for example a new 5-Track EP that will be released on iTunes in 2013 and my eventual official album also releasing to iTunes. This year, I plan to look for booking agencies in order to perform at various shows in the near future, but one thing that will remain constant is that I am always honing my skills, so that when I come back next year, I will be better than ever.

Thank you so much I.J.D. for the time and for inviting me to be part of your project! Good luck with your  music and other plans! Continue making us proud!

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