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Yeng Constantino: Ang Pag-Ibig (Music Video)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012Traveliztera

Yeng has been known for being a really talented rocker, but her versatility continuously appeals me more. She can rock it out and be cute at the same time, and her talent forever shines through. Lately, I've been fascinated by the cuteness of her music videos, but one of her videos is circulating SO MUCH in social networking sites.

The video? Simple, yet very innovative. The song? It has this catchy beat and tune. The lyrics? Funny, but sweet. Overall impact? SUPERB... goes right through you... Sapul!

I suggest you check her video out, and tell me what you think... Everyone seems to be infected by it.

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  1. i love this video and this song. lamu pa kung anung astig. this video was shot in one take. dire-diretso diba. galing!

  2. Ang galing! Kakagaling ko lang sa tumblr account niya at pinanood ko to. Hahaha. Nandito na siya. Super cute ng video! At lalong gumaganda si Yeng. I love her!

  3. ngayon ko lang napanood ang video and narinig ang song dito sa blog mo... awww.. ang cute ng song, super!! i will definitely download it.. i can relate e!

    my hubsy for me:
    "kahit tumaba ka hindi ako mangangaliwa"

    and me for hubsy:
    "kahit magka wrinkles ka, ikikiss parin kita"


  4. Si yeng pala yun? lol.. ang laki na ng ginanda nya... and she's really great...

  5. natutuwa naman ako. Kasi super ove ko si yeng, isa na lang ang hindi ko nagagawa sa ngayon ang mging offcial yengster! Siya pinaka lagi ko inaabangan sa asap :)

  6. I'm not a fan of Yeng, but this is the first time I watched a full-length music video of her.

    I so love the song! It captures the true meaning of love.



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