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Way before the famous NURSING video, I have already seen her various entertaining videos, which instantly turned me into a subscriber with a question of "Why is she still not getting discovered?" Finally, a few months later, her cool and humorous personality caught a lot of attention through her "Why Nursing, Anna?" video, which enlightened the many about what nursing students go through in the funniest way of delivery ever.

A fellow nurse, Anna spoke for the community with wit and humor, that made everyone look at nursing in a whole different light-- a cooler and more awesome light that is. With Philippines being a country full of nurses, many people can relate to what she was saying, making her video spread like bushfire. This led her to further video productions and TV appearances, and she even became the winner of the CGEStar show on CGETV, making her a CGETV VJ.

With requests from some of my readers, here's the NURSE VLOGGER, Anna Tan!

Youtube & CGEStar's
TheCountessAna / AnnaTantrum
NAME: Anna Tan
AGE: 22
LOCATION: Quezon City, Philippines
YOUTUBE ID: TheCountessAnna

When did you start Youtube?
- Sometime in high school, I made an account, which kind of explains the username. Haha! But I only started making videos around May 2011.

Why did you decide to finally share your videos online? 
- When my good friend Sab aka MissCoryPotts "guested" me on one of her beauty vlogs, she kept telling me about how people thought I was funny, and how some would even say I should have my own channel. Guess that, plus a lot of coercing from her finally pushed me to publish a few videos.

How long have you been producing videos (even outside the online world) ?
- I tried making some on Facebook! Can't find them now though. Like, this one time, I ranted about how stupid Pet Society is. Guess ranting was already in my system way back in high school!

How did you come up with your username?
- I have a long-ass name. Anna Karanina Francesca. And it sounds so colonial/periodic, so I decided to give myself a title. Baroness sounded like an old lady, Duchess and Lady sounded too stuck-up. Countess felt just right. Although I'd give anything now to change my username to "AnnaTantrum" just so it goes with my rants... and every other social network I have now.

What kind of videos do you do?
- Like I said, mostly comedic ranting. I've done rap covers too, and right now, there's one ballad. I don't know, just to share some of the other talents I think I have.

Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to making these videos?
- I've always admired itskingsleybitch's videos on YouTube. He's hilarious yet sensible. I had mad respect for him. When I started my channel, I tried to do what all the other Filipinas did on YouTube: makeup. But I felt awkward every single time I'd do a girly video. Comedy/ranting just felt more natural, plus I get to make people happy. Now THAT's rewarding.

What is your BEST VIDEO that will summarize what you can offer? 
- I think my semi-viral "Why Nursing Anna?" video pretty much sums up who I am - not just online, but in real life. In there, people identified me as a registered nurse, and I got to talk about the funny yet tough experiences in Nursing, as well as show my compassionate side.

What is your overall goal in terms of video production? Do you want to fully pursue this career?
- I don't really have any specific goals, nor do I see a distinct career path in this, but I'm pretty much content with just being able to reach out to people from all walks of life, even all over the globe - especially my beloved fellow Filipinos. Although, lately, I did win Cge Star Season 1 on ABS-CBN's CGE TV because of videos I made according to weekly themes. I guess that counts as a career to pursue, since I just won myself my own show to be a VJ in.

Any message for the viewers?
- Basically, I'm just grateful for all of the support. Without them and all of their kind words and unwavering support, I wouldn't even bother making more videos. I'm where I am today thanks to my viewers, family and friends. God bless all of you!

Thank you so much, Anna! It was really nice meeting you and having you here... You haven't changed since the time we first stumbled upon each other, proving that you are still the friendly, spontaneous, and down-to-earth Anna! =) Congratulations and good luck with your career! Continue touching people's lives and making the nurses & Filipinos proud!


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  1. finally! LOL. I'm a fan of hers... She talked quite good and her talks are very entertaining.

  2. First ko napanood ang video niya sa isang forum...ang kulet niya! very entertaining...

  3. Hello Anna, try kong panoodin mga vid mo, try lang kasi ang hina ng signal namin..

    Have a nice Day Steph

  4. I love her! That's it! I watched almost all her videos (except for the makeups) and supported her all the way @CgeTV's Cge Star. :) I'm a fan!


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