Mark Feehily Westlife - Kevin McDaid Split

Sunday, January 01, 2012Traveliztera

Source: http://twitter.com/markusfeehily

NEW YEAR'S EVE. Westlife 's Mark Feehily tweeted last night, saying "Sadly, Kevin & I are no longer together. We've had an amazin 7 yrs & are both so thankful for the love & support u have shown us from the start. We wont be answering any questions about this as its a very private matter. Thanks in advance for understanding that. Lots of love, Mx"

They were already engaged and announced this in February 2010, but the latest breakup announcement surprised the fans. Social networking sites have gone off, especially Westlife fan pages, and fans have been sending Mark some love and support.

Mark, we love you a lot. It saddens us that the news came just around New Year's Eve. I know that you'll get through this with all the support you are getting. It will take time, but it will heal. Stay strong!  We love you!

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