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YOUTUBE Finds: Dog Barking Quietly

Friday, January 13, 2012Traveliztera

So a new viral video is taking over social networking sites, and this time, it's a DOG in Japan who received the starring role.

In this video, the dog does a trick by lowering down the volume of his bark at every command. Title speaks for itself, so just sit back and... open your eyes? LOL. Enjoy!


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  1. hangkyoooooot ng dog! ahihi matalino siya oh.

  2. Awwww!! Ang cute! hehehe.. Nakakatuwa.. :D

  3. Hongkyoooott nung doggeeeeee. Parang ako lang. LOL. :D

  4. awww.... ang cute!! sana ganyan din si Minzy... (dog ko)..kaso tamad si Minzy... gusto lang maglaro palage sa grass at ngatngatin ang tsinelas na naiiwan sa labas ng bahay.. hahaha!

  5. he's adorable right? when I saw this vid, I want a dog like him right away!

  6. napanood ko to kahapon.. tas after itinuro ko sa aso kong may ADHD.. ahaha

  7. hahahaha. this is so lol! cute cute!

  8. Wow, this just made my morning. Haha.


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