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YOUTUBE Spotlight: Oluven

Saturday, December 03, 2011Traveliztera

As a Youtuber under the name " mshypersinger ", I was able to stumble upon a huge number of talents online, and would love to share them here on my blog as well. 

For today's spotlight, I found one aspiring  video producer from CgeTV & Youtube, who goes by the name of "Oluven". A CGEStar Finalist of CGE.TV, "OrvenGuy" is here to enlighten everyone about finally getting a well-deserved recognition for his talent and skills in entertaining people.

Name: Glenn Orven L. Desembrana
Age: 22
Location: Cavite, Philippines
Youtube ID: Oluven

When did you start Youtube?

My account was created back in 2006 so I could upload videos for my family to see. I wasn't planning to do anything with it until earlier this year that I discovered the likes of freddiew and the sudden burst of Youtube talents being recognized from everywhere. Then I decided to upload a few of my projects in my channel around June 2011.

Why did you decide to finally share your videos online?

Oluven: After I graduated AB Multimedia Arts in Asia Pacific College, I realized that I have the resources (though not many) to create content for the internet audience. Then I joined some video making contests including the online talent search CGE Star which started September 2011. You can catch CGE Star every Sunday 8:30pm on and Skycable CH72 in the Philippines. So far, I have been uploading my CGE Star weekly tasks on my channel so more could see it.

How long have you been producing videos?

Oluven: I've been producing videos both professionally and non professionally ever since I was a college student. I majored in 3D Animation, but being a confused person as I was, I wasn't really sure which path to take until I realized that video production is the best outlet for my creative skills and talents.

How did you come up with your username?

Oluven: I used to be a big otaku back in highschool. When I decided for my username, I just made fun of my name Orven and Japanised it (is that even a word?) to "Oluven" because the Japanese can't pronounce the letter R.

What kind of videos do you make?

Oluven: A variety of stuff. Depending on my mood. Mostly I display my technical knowledge on my videos. Use of special effects with added humor and fun! Though sometimes I also like to make them heavy or dramatic. Like I said, it all depends on my creative mood.

BEST VIDEO that can summarize what you can offer and give a short description of the video:

Oluven: I really don't have my BEST video yet. But the most popular video in my channel is my Pinoy Action Star Tutorial which was also an entry for the CGE Star weekly task. You can view it here:

What is your goal in Youtube?

Oluven: My short term goal is to become a Youtube Partner as soon as possible. My long term goal in Youtube is to inspire my fellow Youtubers to create more awesome videos and eventually I could hopefully collaborate with them, specially our fellow kababayans! I can see how the youth today can channel their frustrations and creativity by making videos of whatever they love in tasteful and creative execution.

Any message for the viewers?

Oluven: Aspiring Youtube talents and aspiring Partners like me, I'd love to meet you all some day so together we could create awesome videos filled with love, honey, and butterflies! Also, please keep supporting your local independent talents. We (me and you) are the way for a creative revolution and evolution!

Thank you Oluven for the time! Good luck with your goals! WOOT!
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If you have any YOUTUBER in mind that you would love to get featured, feel free to comment ! =)

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  1. He's a finalist of Cge Star @ with the username OrvenGuy. Ang husay nga niya sa special effects (if that's what they call it) tsaka lahat ng video niya ang ganda ng quality. You already Kuya!

    I will be happy to see Ms. Anna Tan sa blog mo Ate Steph. She's a Cge Star finalist, a youtuber, a funny vlogger at katulad nating nurse. Haha. Ako na stalker. LOL.

  2. Wow ikaw na CGE STAR reporter ! :P


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