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YOUTUBE Spotlight: LloydCafeCadena2

Wednesday, December 07, 2011Traveliztera

The YOUTUBE Spotlight is now focused on a witty and funny personality in the form of LloydCafeCadena2 ! I knew Lloyd before his videos went crazy in terms of subscribers and views, so I can guarantee you that you are getting what I've always been getting. No kaplastikan and kayabangan whatsoever. Natural talent. His fast growing success shall be elaborated through a really funny interview I did with him. Funny but smart answers teh! =)

NAME: Lloyd Cadena
AGE: 18 y/o
LOCATION: ParaƱaque City, PHILS.
YOUTUBE ID: LloydCafeCadena2

When did you start Youtube?
-Back in March 28, 2010 (to be exact), I created an account named "LloydCafeCadena" for me to be able to comment and share my thoughts about my idols' vids (Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga). Back then, I am busy doing tributes and parody videos... Then later on, I decided to make things more serious, that is why I created this channel, "LloydCafeCadena2"--  for me to upload all my original content videos and a lot of funny, yet informative stuffs. All in all, I have 4 Channels, including PawsUpChannel (for my Song Cover Videos) and LloydCafeCadenaTV (all the behind the scenes are uploaded here.) Dedo muna tong 2 channels na to, because my main focus now is my 2nd CHANNEL. Lots of Account Right? ~ IKR? LOL

Why did you decide to finally share your videos online?
-Since the beginning of my "Entertainment Life", I've always wanted myself to be a part of any production. Inspired by my family and friends, I uploaded my First Youtube Video ever : "Telephone Filipino Parody" or simply called QUADRADO. Afterwards, all of them loved it and I decided to do more, more, more, more!  Though this may not be known to the public, I have Stage Fright @_@.

How long have you been producing videos (even outside the online world) ?
-I've been producing videos ever since I discovered editing videos using Windows Media Maker. That's about 6 years from now. I find it stress-relieving and fun, and later on, mastered it. Then I go online to look for more, more, more video editing softwares and there you go...  BOOOM!

How did you come up with your username?
-"LloydCafeCadena2"-- actually, that's my full name, including my maiden's name "Cafe", then number "2" stands for being my 2nd Channel. Hindi po masyadong halata. x)

What kind of videos do you do?
-Back in the day, I would create parody videos, small skits... Now, I Have an online radio series called: "LC-Radio", and my comic vlog: "LC-Learns",  and Planning to do more genre SOOON! PAK! ~

Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to making these videos?
-All of my videos are based on experiences-- from parodies to LC-Learns... it's all about me and all the people around me. Some notes are influenced by Melai Monteveros, especially her comic show: "Melai Mo Mag-Work" in "Banana Split", Vice Ganda's prank jokes, and my family ~ especially yung mga punto ng salita ko (my accent)--hawaan dito sa bahay eh! Kami kase yung tipo ng pamilya na mahilig kumanta, kahit yung simpleng sentence nilalagyan ng tono ... BOOM! Hit na agad.. Mahilig din kami sa mga terms na kami lang ang may knows. Words can't express how FUN our family is :)

What is your BEST VIDEO that will summarize what you can offer ? 

-Hmm. All of them for me are the BEST, simply because I'm the one responsible for them.
But the one with the highest views will be, I guess for the viewers, will be my BEST BONGGANG VIDEO ever and this is "LC-Learns #10: Crush mo ko, crush kita.. Ano na?"


The fact that this is all about my experience of having a crush is a BONGGANG FACTOR na...
As of now, it gathered 60,000+ views already after the 1st month of releasing it. Such an achievement for me and I'm very happy to have the greatest and the BEST people around who helped me a lot with the promotion.

What is your overall goal in terms of video production? Do you want to fully pursue this career?
-Hmm. My forever goal is to maintain or better say improve the quality of my videos. I want my viewers to stay with me forever and I hope that they will never get bored watching my videos. For now, I'm having a lot of fun but I don't see myself doing this thing for another 10 years of my life. Kaloka! I will retire anytime in the future-- soooooooooon. Mahaba talaga! BUT NOT sooner. Ano daw?

Any message for the viewers?
-Pinkish Violet Hearts to all of You. Maraming Salamat sa lahat ng supporta. Sana wag kayong magbago at hindi rin ako magbabago... Kung todong sight kayo sa mga video ko, ako naman tong totodo pa sa pag-create. I Love You all and see you all Soon. Thank You very much Ate Steph for this One of a Kind Opportunity :)

Thank you LC for giving us the time to know you better. Good luck! Stay humble and inspired! Thank you for making us smile! Good luck with your GANDANG GABI VICE guesting! ;)
Love, Ate Steph

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  1. wow~~ SPOTLIGHT ung idol ko ~~ haha MORE POWER po LC :)* mwaa

  2. Naks! Lumelevel-up na talaga si idol LC! woot woot! :))

  3. naman.umi-interview ng sikat na youtube personalities.pero, never ehard of him until I read your post so I guess mas sikat ka.lols

  4. @ELAISSA - da best talaga si LC! :D salamat sa pagcomment! <3

    @ZELLESTAH - onga e... next na talaga tv guesting! hehehe!

    @PUSANGKALYE - ngek... mas sikat yan promise haha! sa gandang gabi vice na yan next! haha! kilala mo lang ako kasi blogger friends tayo :P

  5. Sikat nga to. Daming views ng mga videos. Yun lang, medyo nahihirapan din akong magsalita kapag naririnig ko sya. Hehe. Close pala kayo. Cool.

    Mga youtube stars talaga o. Haha.


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