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Thursday, December 15, 2011Traveliztera

A singer with big dreams... Nobody can stop him from reaching them...

German, a.k.a. Geeman, is a singer from Camarines Sur, and he is here to tell us about his dreams of becoming a successful singer, using Youtube to spread his talent worldwide. Just like his idol, Christina Grimmie (also a Youtuber), he aims to be discovered online, so that he can show everyone that Filipinos DO have amazing singing and dancing skills. He also vlogs on his channel with topics that people can relate to. Here is the young and talented Geeman!

NAME: German Diocampo Celeres Jr.
AGE: 18 Years Young
LOCATION: Mariners Village, Camarines Sur, Philippines
YOUTUBE ID: 24sims16

When did you start Youtube?

-I actually started to go on YouTube and make an account way back on Feb 29, 2008 to be exact. I was uploading different stuffs back then because of my addiction to The Sims Games! But I formally get back to YouTube just this year. And it was on the last week of March 2011.

Why did you decide to finally share your videos online?

-At first, it was never easy to decide whether to share your videos online or not. I made a few experiments or rather be called Survey’s on Facebook to let me think about sharing my videos online. I shared it first on Facebook and after getting a lot of good feedbacks I thought there’s nothing wrong if I make it more formal and bring those videos on YouTube and try my luck! And since I have this “Big Dream” that I call, I thought YouTubing is a good way to try your luck to get noticed. I feel like it’s good to share your passion while having your studies in the real world!

How long have you been producing videos (even outside the online world)?
-I love making videos since I was a child! I got these inspirations through animated videos or cartoons and even on movies. I can’t recall when was the exact date where I started making random videos but I think it was when we have school projects about making music videos, movies or other stuffs. High School for me was really a way to discover a lot of things about you and the things you mostly love to do in the future! When it comes to my YouTube Videos, I’m almost at my 9th month of making covers and 1st month to try VLOGGING!

How did you come up with your username?
-This question for me is funny! Haha! My “24sims16” username on YouTube originated from my Birth Date which is the 24th of June, my ever favorite simulation game The “Sims” and “16” was actually the day when my first girlfriend answered YES. Hahaha! Bulgaran na to!

What kind of videos do you do?
-I joined YouTube mainly because I want to share my singing through Covers! It sometimes depends when I do it Live, Recorded Version or sometimes with just a Lyrics Video with my Voice at the background. But I have added some other stuffs now on my Channel like my “What is the meaning of this?” Series of Vlogs where I talk random thoughts about something. And other stuffs :)

Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to making these videos?
-My inspiration in making videos are those famous YouTubers like my Super Crush Christina Grimmie! I also made a special cover for her since she totally inspires me that dreams do come true! She also started as a YouTuber and does Music Covers, but now, she’s big! That story for me is just so magical. There are still a lot of YouTubers that inspires me but nothing beats those people who loves what you’re doing. These are my family who takes time to watch my video even if my shy while they’re doing it! HAHAHA! My awesome friends and even those people who I don’t know personally but appreciates my work so much. I would like to thank you too, Ate Steph! Im glad I meet you! You’re really great! :D

BEST VIDEO that will summarize what you can offer?
-I think that my best video would be my Live Rendition of Charice song One Day. Because this is the 1st time where I have experienced my dream job of performing in front of a thousand people! This was the time where I was invited to perform because of Youtube. This taught me that to be able to make your dreams come true, you must be the one to do it first and just let God do the other. This video is a combination of my future dream job and an inspiration to everyone who has big dreams!

What is your overall goal in terms of video production? Do you want to fully pursue this career?
-Well, my goal in producing videos is to inspire and entertain people most especially in our country. That no matter who you are, if you have this chance to share what God has blessed you then why wouldn’t you not try to. I believe that everybody can be somebody in their own little ways. And personally, I hope that with YouTube, I hope to get known also in my own very little way. That people would appreciate each video that I’d produce, no matter how random it is. As long as there are people who keep on believing on me, I will never ever stop in producing these stuffs. I know I have these haters but these are just challengers to me.

Any message for the viewers?
-I just want to thank everyone who keeps on supporting me in each video that I do. Maraming salamat po talaga ng husto husto! Di ko man masasabing im somebody in this web world but sa mga kind words ninyo eh higit pa yun sa inaasahan ko. I’ll continue to inspire and entertain you guys with my future videos mapa VLOG or COVER man ito! Just keep rocking \m/! I love you all! Sana di kayo magbago :D Spread Love, Peace and Happiness! –Geeman!


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