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Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna are OFFICIALLY Dating

Wednesday, December 07, 2011Traveliztera

Everyone seems to be buzzing around about this new couple, whose names have already been mentioned in the title. Yes, Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna are official, according to their close friend who opened it up to Ricky Lo 's Funfare.

Vic Sotto is known to have dated Pia Guanio, a fellow Eat Bulaga host, who is now married to Steve Mago. Pauleen is also an Eat Bulaga host, and this news somehow surprised a lot of people. The most obvious reason why people seem to have been reacting so much is the age difference--with around 30 years of gap. But in this generation, it seems like age is no longer an issue. The society is already adjusting to accept such couples, especially with the media continuously delivering news about celebrities who are in a relationship like this. In fact, we're starting to get immuned to this. I dated Orlando Bloom--so, what's the matter? (Oh, I was just joking about Orlando Bloom... or was I? :P )

Anyway, to me, Pauleen seems really happy, despite the number of negative views about their relationship. I'm pretty much sure that people will be more observant when it comes to seeing this couple on- and off-air, and they will be judged a couple of times, until everyone gets used to this new couple. Nonetheless, nobody really knows how much happiness they have and how great their love could probably be for each other. To Vic and Pauleen, I wish you all the happiness and love in the world! <3

So, what do you think of their relationship?

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  1. I was really shocked when I saw this. Yes, basically because of the age gap. But then again, we should respect them, not only as actors/actress but because they are also human like us. :)

  2. BoPau! Bosing at pauleen walang masama

  3. May-december love affair.. bossing IKAW NA!! hehe

  4. isa din ito sa mga nakakawindang na balita...

  5. lupet..


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