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Problems and Happiness

Monday, December 26, 2011Traveliztera

Problems. What a way to starting a heavy topic. I simply stated the word: "problems", and I don't know why I seem to just be cool with saying "simply". Is it because that is how I want my perspective to be towards problems?

Problems are either within or outside our control. Either way, they cause us negative emotions, and as I always say in my previous posts, WE HAVE A CHOICE. We can choose to linger on and continuously feel dreadful, or we can choose to just stay down for awhile, then move on.

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Moving on is not an easy task. We have all been there, especially if everything seems to be hopeless. However, there are problems that are really simple, but become complicated and bring hopelessness just because of thinking too much about controlling it. Let me give a not-so-complicated problem, yet still bothered me, because it was a preventable situation that I could have controlled. On the 24th of December, I woke up, and saw my laptop's screen cracked. It broke my heart and made me feel down for almost half of my day. I felt bad because 1) I know I could have been careful. I know it's because I quickly closed my laptop's lid without checking if something was between it and the keyboard. Apparently, I didn't notice one part of my headset within the gap. This was totally preventable. 2) Of course, it will cost me a lot, and I'll be paying for something that I could have prevented.

Upon looking back, I can just laugh at how much I wasted my day by worrying. I was stuck with the idea of blaming myself. Look how I kept saying "I could have prevented it." and "I'm paying for something I could have prevented." But seriously, what can that kind of thinking do? It's done. Lesson learned. That was meant to happen, so that I won't do it next time. Cliche? Well, isn't it true? We need a constant reminder.

Move on and try to fix it, especially if it's fixable. If you can't fix it, what's the point of worrying? You can't control the fixing part, but you can control the worrying part. You always have a choice, especially when it comes to happiness. Now, whatever your beliefs are, let go of all your worries and let that someone or something powerful take over and heal you. It takes time, but someday, when you reach something really satisfying, you'll look back and say, "Oh… That's why THAT problem happened!" 

But He said, "The things which  are impossible with men are possible with God."
-Luke 18:27

I've always thought of problems as blessings. They may get depressing, but along the process, they get you somewhere, and it's your choice if you want to use them as your driver to getting you to wherever you want to be. If you don't use them, you get stuck, because problems are mainly there to push you further.

As for my laptop, I talked to my dad about it, and he reminded me to stop worrying. He knew that I knew these things, but I still needed a reminder, especially when I'm caught up with my emotions. He reminded me that worrying is pointless, and if I do that, I'll just make myself suffer more, when obviously I can easily just have it repaired. I stopped blaming myself (because that was what was blocking me from solving a simple problem), and relaxed for 1 hour. After my relaxation session, I looked for an authorized repair centre. Oh goodie! I found one reliable centre that does screen replacements for less than 24 hours and for a cheaper price. Oh and did I mention that I worried too much to not see that the crack just happened to the outer glass screen and not the display screen itself? That is already a relief.  =) Obviously, worrying makes even the simplest things more complicated.

Pray, then smile! =) When you think you're alone, think again, because there's always that SOMEONE out there who greatly cares for you, and will remind you that HE will never let you go. It's all about your choice of perspective and faith. God bless and stay happy! =)

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  1. "You can't control the fixing part, but you can control the worrying part. "

    -This applies to me best! I don't know what's wrong with me but I really worry a lot even if the problem is so small, so fixable, and so neglect-able.... Parehas kayo ng sinabi ni mother..

  2. for nothing is impossible with God! This is one of my most favorite verses in the bible :) happy new year steph!

  3. Very inspiring but many times inspiration is not enough to get through the many storms of life...

  4. ayos to nakakarelate me. and i agree...sabi nga rin sa bible quote..."Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough worry of its own" <---si Jesus may sabi niyan..siya na talaga bahala..and for my favorite saying in life.. "Keep Moving Forward"--tama ka nga, worrying makes things complicated and I'm also a testament to that ^^ Happy near year ahead steph ^^


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