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YOUTUBE Finds: Jolina Magdangal & Marvin Agustin Parody

Saturday, December 17, 2011Traveliztera

 I have always been a fan of Jolina Magdangal & Marvin Agustin, and yes, I still follow them. I know the lines to their famous movies, and I've been called "Bujoy" a few times before. "ANG TV: The Movie", "FLAMES", "Gimik", "Hey Babe" and "Labs Kita... Okey Ka Lang", are some of their movies, and among these, I enjoyed "Labs Kita... Okey Ka Lang" the most.

Ever since I was a child, I've been acting out the famous scene from the said movie ("Oh yes! Kaibigan mo ako. Kaibigan... mo lang... ako...  And that's all I ever was to you, Ned... Your BEST FRIEND... And I'm so stupid to make the biggest mistake of falling in love with my best friend. Dahil kahit kelan, hindi mo naman ako makikita eh. Kahit kelan, hindi mo ako kayang mahalin na higit pa sa isang kaibigan."). I then decided that since I do Youtube videos, why not act it out in front of the camera to finally release and share my love for them. I uploaded it to Youtube ( http://youtube.com/mshypersinger ) and CgeTV ( http://www.cge.tv/user/mshypersinger ), so you can view the video wherever you want to.

Here is my video, which I dedicate to Jolina Magdangal ( and her husband, Mark Escueta ! -- CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH! ) and Marvin Agustin:


This is the original scene if you are not aware of the scene or the movie:

I love you Jolina and Marvin ! And congratulations, because I know that both of you have been really successful in the past few years, and you still are continuously attaining more blessings! Good luck and God bless to both of you!

Thanks by the way to Ms. Jolina who recently commented on the video! Thank you so much! It means a lot coming from my favorite actress!:
Forever down-to-earth ka Ate Jolina! :) Special appearance of fellow bloggers! Marvin and Eun! Thanks to everyone who liked and commented!

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  1. alam mo..fan din ako ni marvin at jolina before hehehe...sila ang favorite lab team ko hahahaha..bibo kasi at inde korni haha...wahhhh ikaw na!!! pararangalan na kita ng best acting award!! ^_^ galing talaga....i-revive mo ang bibo-ness ni jolina hehe;..natuwa ako ng sobra rito ^^ weeee!!!! papanoorin talaga kita sa sine !! gayang-gaya talaga ^^ na nostalgia tuloy ako ah haha...(voted u again---yooohoo leading ikaw ^^)

  2. aba fan din ako ni Jolens

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