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X Factor Australia 2011 Winner Grand Finals : Reece Mastin

Tuesday, November 22, 2011Traveliztera

From Reece Mastin, Johnny Ruffo, and Andrew Wishart to just Reece Mastin and Andrew Wishart... They all have their weapons. They got the unique voice. They got the charm. They have the support of their families and the public. They have great strengths, and it is hard to know who will win the 2011 X Factor Australia Winner title.

Right now, I'm still blogging while watching the finals. But by the time this gets published, the winner would have been announced--errr and of course I'm gonna announce it below.


With only a difference of 1%, the winner is...

Reece Mastin !

Congratulations!!! I love them all and they deserve to be part of the finals. Reece worked so hard for this so congratulations! To Andrew, you deserve to come this far... You are amazing and you'll have a great career after this!


And here is the winner's single:


My cousin terribly loves you!!! If you could just leave a message to say hi to "Cherry", that would be awesome! Thank you!


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