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Met Westlife 's Brian McFadden Unexpectedly !

Saturday, November 05, 2011Traveliztera

me with Vogue Williams and Brian McFadden  at Telstra Shop, George Street, Sydney during
the Blackberry Music Launch

So I have been making frustrated Westlife fan videos and blog posts the past few months, and who would have thought that despite the fact that I was not able to see Westlife this year since I just moved to Australia (and we're not included in their tour :( ), I would bump into Brian McFadden !? Yes, my first Westlife crush when  I was 9 years old. What a great way to end the year when I started out being so sad that I couldn't watch Westlife this year in the Philippines during their Gravity Live Tour 2011 in Manila !?

It's actually a funny and embarrassing moment when I met him and his girlfriend, Vogue Williams, at the Blackberry Music Launch event on November 3, 2011 at the Telstra Shop in Sydney, Australia. Watch the video below to know the full story. LOL.

I made a vlog about it to reenact the AWKWARD moment I had with him:




Just so we can be clear why this moment is so important to me, I'll explain my FUNNY WESTLIFE HISTORY.

 - Between 1998-1999, I learned about Westlife and it was due to the fact that I saw BRIAN on MTV ASIA that I got hooked to the band. I would replay and replay his "shouting part" in their song "If I Let You Go" right after the bridge part of the song.

- I created a Westlife website at the age of 10. I joined Westlife webrings and I discovered Westlife discussion boards.

- I started collecting official and unofficial books, magazines, posters, postcards, dolls (lol), stickers, VCDs, keychains, etc. I would buy 3 copies of their albums--both cassette tape and CD.

- I created a better Westlife website at the age of 12 and it was called "Fragile... Mark" because Mark Feehily became my next favorite member! <3

- I watched their two concerts when they were still complete. I even wrote them letters. LOL. My dad originally chose a seat next to the side of the stage, but I said I would like to stay in the middle. Well guess what...? ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS! Hahaha! KIAN jumped down the stage and went to the seats that my dad originally picked.

- I got one classmate in trouble because I placed this Westlife sign on the front of my seat and when we were having a quiz, my classmate noticed my sign and my teacher thought she was cheating. LOL.

- I had many Westlife groups. LOL.

- I made my parents a fan of Westlife.

- Almost everyone who knew me from my childhood days remembers me as the ULTIMATE WESTLIFE FAN. LOL. Forever attached to my name.

and the list goes on... So you can just see that I grew up with Westlife and I was waiting for them to come back when I was still in the Philippines last year. THEY FINALLY CAME, but they visited when I moved here to Australia. Great. So I made a video for them. LOL.

It's just ironic how my childhood Westlife dreams finally became a reality when they decided to split up. 

However, I am thankful because this is a proof that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE-- you just have to wait ... =) I am happy. Really. Thank YOU Lord for this wonderful gift! I started off sad but ended this year with a smile because of this unexpected encounter.

Thanks again to everyone who had been really supportive! I know I don't look as crazy as the teenagebopper Steph (lol), but I am still a Westlife fan deep inside. I'm just older. LOL.  Thanks again. Yes, now you know... Now you know that I am a Westlife fan. :P You just know the Orlando Bloom part haha! :P


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  1. Oh dear! You're the sweetest. Can't help but smile from start to finish of your video.

    "Anything is possible." Amen to that Steph. You're a living proof of Law of Attraction. :)

    Great seeing you keeping the fire burning! Yeeeehaaaa!

    Cheers. :)

  2. This is so cute :) So happy for you!

  3. OHMYGOD! are you kidding me??? Im so jelaaaz now. lol You're so lucky!! :p

  4. I like how you say Twitter. You're learning na! LOL. :D

  5. wow.. finally natupad din... congrats sa u stephy... heheheh "D

  6. This is really nice. :">
    I wish I could've met Papa Bryan too. Hihi.

  7. Pag ginusto mo talaga mangyayari walang imposible.Amen to that.

  8. wow! so happy for you.:) i rmmbr westlife back in college or highschool days i think.

  9. Yiii I can just imagine how happy you were... well... no need to imagine much kasi kitang-kita at basang-basa naman hehehe. Good for you!!!


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