Westlife Split Up After 14 Years

Thursday, October 20, 2011Traveliztera

Yes, the rumour is true...

An official statement has been released earlier this morning regarding Westlife finally splitting up after just finishing their GRAVITY TOUR.

The official statement goes:

Here's my video, sharing what I feel about what happened, and my message for the lads and the Westlife fans:

and for real, the crying in my Westlife Fan Plead video is totally felt by myself right now... =(

We will miss you WESTLIFE... 

and please come to AUSTRALIA next year... :( One last time... Please? 
Thank you for the love and happiness you shared with us!

14 years... wow.



Reposting to remind the Westlife fans about the EXTENDED DEADLINE (Nov. 4 due to requests) :) :
Filipino Fans, let's unite! It would be amazing to get each and every Westlifer's voice out online, and be heard by Westlife. A video will be made with all the amazing Filipino fans in it, to make the lads see that they are loved by those from the Philippines.

1. Take a photo or record a video which includes your message to the lads. If you are going to send a video, maximum of 15 seconds.

2. Send the photo/video to westlifeproject@gmail.com with the SUBJECT: Westlife Fan and indicate your name and age (if you want to) in the main message.

3. You can check the Westlife Philippines (WLPH) page from time to time to know if the video is already up. I will also post it here on my page. :)

Please spread the word to other Filipino fans! Your voice is important and enough to make the lads feel the Filipino love.

DEADLINE: November 4, 2011

Thank you!

Just met Brian Westlife! Click this to know my embarrassing moment with him!  Lol!

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  1. ooh... so sad.... isa sa mga best band ng kanilang henerasyon :D

  2. E di ikaw na ang mukhang heartbroken!! LOL. :D

  3. Since there is no more westlife....CONGRATS ON 40,000 page views :)

  4. OMG, I was a high school student when My Love was still so hot in the airwaves ( 97.1 was still Campus Radio and they still had Radio Tabloid in Magic) hahaha. Has it been that long! O_o

  5. we are on the same page here.. it sucks to hear about the break-up! :(

    The Beautiful Mind

    Hey I just followed you! x

  6. This is so sad. I loved westlife. Although I know, things does not last for a lifetime, I just wish they would stick together for a couple of years more. Or do an album for one last time.

  7. i love many of their songs.. so glad you'll gonna see them... enjoy.. ;)

  8. hahaha..goodluck pre! i have to tell my cousin about this. sobrang fan xa nung westlife..hehe


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