Steve Jobs Will Be Missed ; Died at 56

Friday, October 07, 2011Traveliztera

Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56.

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He is an icon of success. He has changed and developed our technology to the point that the competitors are having a hard time beating his innovations. Almost everyone has been touched by this amazing man.

The first time that I saw a Mac was when I was 9 years old. I was already a PC user that time, but my attention was caught by that APPLE icon. However, I only started using Apple products when I was in highschool--when the first generation of iPods came out. Dad bought me one and I was like "What's this?..." That started to change everything. 

College came and I needed a laptop. Dad saw this student promo from Apple and as a birthday gift, he gave me a Macbook that had an iPod nano as a partner. I was not that happy with my Macbook because I was a PC user, but after some time, I started loving it. I was able to create wonderful projects with it such as songs and videos. Although I can do it with a PC, I became comfortable with Mac. 

Until now, I am using Apple products, mainly because of the accessible applications and amazing features. I love Windows too and have lived 3/4 of my life using it, but I got used to Mac that it became my partner in all of my projects. 

Apple has definitely created a big impact. It's hard NOT to see anyone using an Apple product--even the fake ones with the Apple logo. Also, Steve Jobs has been an inspiration. He is the image of success, and he has been a blessing to many.

May you rest in peace. You will be missed. Thank you for being part of my life.

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  1. Kasama bang namatay ni Steve Jobs ang buong Apple Inc.? :D

  2. Steve Jobs will always be remembered. :) We owe so much to him!

  3. I started using apple this year. Because I don't have pera pambili. But I have big respect for this Man. Specially when I read his profile. Amazing guy. Napa english me.

  4. he really did great in shaping this digital world we are IN now and forever it will leave a mark.. thanks to you, Steve..

  5. The first apple was from the garden of Eden, the second fall on Newton and this is the third one.May 4th pa kia?

  6. I am a new Apple products user and I'm still groping around but one thing's for sure, nakaka-enjoy sila gamitin. So I have Steve Jobs to thank I guess. I don't mourn though kasi napaka-overpriced ng products nya LOL.

  7. Yes he is one of the foundations of the Modern world without his technological advances we are not here now.


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