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Aswang - Twilight Pinoy Version ?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011Traveliztera

I stumbled upon one of Regal Entertainment's teasers and this one is entitled "ASWANG" which stars Lovie Poe, Paulo Avelino, Jillian Ward, Albie Casino, Mark Abaya, Nina Jose, Joem Bascon, Bembol Rocco, and Lara Quigaman ...

Anyway, I haven't seen this yet, but based on the trailer, there's that "love component" and the choices that the "aswang" should make--which made me compare it to TWILIGHT. To the foreigners who are reading this, an ASWANG is like how you guys have VAMPIRES and such, hence, I was able to compare it to Twilight.

Compared to other ASWANG movies, this one is definitely different. I hope I could watch this soon though.

Has anyone seen this? What do you think? And oh yeah... DO YOU BELIEVE IN ASWANGS?

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  1. bagong header :D

    minsan naniniwala ako sa aswang, minsan hindi.

    siguro parang twilight inspired pero i dont have a clue.

  2. naniniwala ba ko sa aswang?hhmmmm...hindi.hehe! sa nang-aaswang pwede pa.hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. naniniwala ako sa aswang lalo na pag si angel locsin un :D

  4. Hindi siya Twilight-inspired dahil isa na siyang remake na ginawa ni Alma Moreno way back who knows when ... 1992 yata.

    Honestly, bakit sa bawat blogs na binibisita ko, laging mayroong comparison na nangyayari sa local at foreign scenes, tapos may iba na sasabihin na ginaya lang daw ito sa foreign? Parang lumalabas dito ang pagka-colonial mentality lang ng mga Pilipino. Heyreet!

  5. yup. sa province namin meron noong buntis ang kasama namin sa bahay. hehe

  6. pero tingnan nalang natin kung effective ba,..

  7. meron akong kakilala na mukhang aswang! hahahahaha.

    pero yung tunay na aswang, hindi pa ko nakakakita.

  8. Undin episode pa din ng shake, rattle and roll.
    Best filipino scary film ever!
    pero kung si lovi poe din lang naman ang mangaaswang sakin, why not? lols


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