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Rebecca Black in SYDNEY ! Photo + Video

Wednesday, September 28, 2011Traveliztera

So I was shopping mindlessly on a sunny and windy day in Sydney, when my cousin-in-law retweeted to me that Rebecca was performing a few blocks away from where I was. LOL. I know that yesterday, I posted about her gig (click to view the post) but there were no details given until earlier this day. I  am assuming that this was due to a few reasons:
1) Since it was a launch and it was too open, security control would be easier with less people. (...but it's a launch so shouldn't u invite more people? lol)
2) To not give her haters enough time for them to plan something for her ?

Rebecca Black @ George Street, Sydney
My turn after Rebecca. LOL.

I am not a Rebecca Black hater. I love her. And since I was already within the area, I decided to drop by and watch. I also recorded the whole performance.

She performed two songs: "Friday" (awkward that she performed this on a Tuesday hahaha) and "My Moment" ...

Really short performance actually. She opened the launch, so two songs were enough. Afterwards, there was a great dance performance, and of course the launching of Telstra's 4G service. Free music was also offered!

I didn't have photos with her, but at least I had shots with her (... but... I'm like... her background.LOL). Haha!

Proof that I was there. LOL

Anyway, I enjoyed and she's cute. Check out the video I took of her performance today (September 27, 2011) !

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  1. chance! haha friday on a tuesday~~

  2. I like your pose in the stage. Seems like you upstage Rebecca! LOL.

  3. ala ko masabi..tagal na kasi hindi nakadalaw..hahaha...kamusta na?

  4. POOT lang!!! Down with her, isama niyo na rin sa Beaver, este, Bieber! :|


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